Astralis hits 30 wins in a row on Nuke during ESL Pro League

By Steven Rondina


Apr 25, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Astralis is good on every Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map, but the team is practically untouchable on Nuke.

Playing opposite the ex-3D Max team in the ESL Pro League Season 9 Europe division, the three-time major winners notched their 30th straight win on the map in offline play. The win also closed out the series 2-0 in favor of the Danes.

Though Nuke isn’t among the most popular map picks, Astralis has made it their home turf over the last year. The current Astralis lineup has a stunning 39-1 combined record in online and offline pro matches on the map, with the sole loss coming from Heroic. In the team’s overall history, Nuke stands as its most successful with a 77.2 percent win rate.

While Nuke stands as Astralis’ best map on paper, it’s not without competition.

What is Astralis’ Best Map?

Though that 77.2-percent win rate is impressive, the sample size isn’t especially large compared to other maps. In Astralis’ entire history, the team has played Nuke only 79 times with 61 wins recorded. That’s an impressive mark by any standard, but it’s worth noting is that Astralis has played Inferno almost twice as much with a comparable record, taking 75.5 percent of those 147 Inferno games.

There is a bit of a drop off from there, but even their worst maps have win rates that make other teams envious. Astralis has between a 64 and 70 percent win rate on Mirage, Dust 2, Overpass, and Train. The weakest regularly played map in Astralis’ repertoire is Cache, which sees the team still win almost 60 percent of its games.

The only locale where Astralis doesn’t have a strong record is Cobblestone. Astralis has played 10 games on the map and only won two of them. Thankfully for the team, Cobblestone was removed from the active duty rotation in 2018 and kicked from competitive entirely earlier this year in favor of Vertigo, meaning the team won’t have to worry about it again any time soon.

This is just the latest testament to how exceptional Astralis has been over the last 18 months. With three majors to their name and dozens of other trophies on their mantel, the squad still looks unstoppable.

All opponents can do at this point is hope that Astralis might struggle on new map Vertigo.