Astralis has revealed a massive new gaming facility in Denmark

By Morten Marstal


Jun 10, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Astralis Group, the esports organisation behind the world famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Astralis, has revealed that it is opening a brand new massive gaming center on June 19 by the name of Astralis Nexus. 

The 1200 square meter gaming center is being branded as a “modern gaming paradise” by its owners and will be located next to the Tivoli Gardens in the middle of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

Astralis Nexus will consist of 800 sqm dedicated to a Gaming Center, a gigantic internet café area, with more than 130 computers publicly available for all gamers. The Astralis Nexus gaming center will also contain a flagship store, 3 streaming hubs, an Astralis fan space, an auditorium, 4 VIP rooms, and a café. The gaming hardware will include OMEN 30L PC’s and 240 Hz 1 ms monitors.

“Astralis Nexus will no doubt be the most modern and well-equipped center for gaming and entertainment in Denmark,” the CRO and co-founder of Astralis Jakob Lund Kristensen said.

Hungry gamers will also have a chance to indulge in more varied food choices while gaming, as they can order pizza, sandwiches, and sushi inside the Astralis Nexus. Prices currently set for one hour of gaming in the Nexus are 45 kroner, or just over 7 dollars, in the daytime. Prices will increase in the evening.

It is yet to be decided if Astralis Nexus will turn out to be a hit among its Danish and international guests, but an investment in a gigantic center solely dedicated to gaming certainly can be said to reflect the steady growth and appeal that gaming has seen within mainstream culture over the years.

Making esports and gaming in general a positive part of life seems to be one of the goals for the new gaming center, according to Kristensen. To him, Astralis Nexus is meant to be a physical extension of a positive outlook on gaming.

“We’ve long had the agenda that gaming and esports are for everyone, and that it can have a very positive influence on your life. But we’ve done this from an online position. So, to us it’s been important to now have a physical manifestation of who we are,” Kristensen said to DR.

In November 2019 the Blast Pro Series were held on Astralis’ home turf in Copenhagen in the Royal Arena with 12,000 fans attending to see Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Natus Vincere, Cloud9, Astralis and FaZe Clan who ran off with the 125,000 prize money for first place.

Visit the Astralis Nexus website here for more info about the gaming center and its grand opening.