Astralis bombs out of RMR, dupreeh becomes sole all-Majors player

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Astralis has been disqualified from the Rio Major after going 1-3 in the European A RMR. 

The unexpected result will break Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth’s all-Majors streak, possibly leaving former Astralis rifler Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen as the only pro Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player to attend every Major.

Astralis entered the Rio Major RMR as a solid favorite to qualify. However, a difficult first-round matchup against Ninjas in Pyjamas immediately resulted in one loss. The Danish squad went 16-9 on Inferno against Eternal Fire, earning a 1-1 scoreline. A series of disasters against Bad News Eagles led to a 3-16 score on Ancient. The following elimination series against forZe ended 0-2 with 14-16 round counts on Mirage and Nuke.

Similarly to fellow European powerhouse G2 Esports, Astralis missing the Rio Major is a massive disappointment. The four-time Major champion banner has attended every major since the MLG Columbus Major in 2016.

After Astralis RMR defeat, dupreeh is the only player to attend every CSGO major

With Xyp9x missing the Rio Major, dupreeh is the only player to attend every CSGO major.

dupreeh’s attendance is almost entirely with either Astralis or its predecessor Team SoloMid. However, he attended the very first CSGO major in  Jönköping, Sweden as part of Copenhagen Wolves. He also attended DreamHack Winter 2014 with Dignitas, which was itself a prototype TeamSoloMid. dupreeh was a core contributor to Astralis’ four Major championships from 2017 to 2019.

There was a chance that dupreeh’s streak would also be broken at the Rio Major RMR, but Team Vitality managed to qualify with a 3-1 record. Its run included triumphs over Fantasy, Monte, and finally mouz in a dramatic 2-1 series.

With 18 total majors including Rio, dupreeh will fight to keep his streak alive at Paris Major in May, 2023.


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