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Astralis announces female CSGO roster ahead of ESL Impact

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 7, 2022

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Astralis has unveiled a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster for the upcoming ESL Impact Season 2. 

Over the years, esports heavyweight Astralis has fielded some of the top rosters in the CSGO scene. While recent performances aren’t on par with its dynasty era, the organization isn’t leaving Counter-Strike behind. After actively retooling its male roster, Astralis is now dipping its toes into CSGO’s nascent women’s esports scene. 

ESL Impact opened doors for female CSGO talent to showcase their skills on a larger scale. Astralis is the latest in a long list of organizations that has built rosters to compete in women’s CSGO events.

Astralis unveils female CSGO roster 

Astralis’ brand new CSGO roster is packed with accomplished female players. The organization plucked the successful trio of Ambush fe that won the ESL Impact Spring Cash Cup 1 Europe in March. The core of Yoana “⁠Joanana⁠ Vlaykova, Selin “⁠spike⁠ Sinem Alak, and Héjja “⁠kezziwow⁠ Kászandrá is joined by Rachel “⁠RacheLL⁠ Kujawa and Aurora “⁠aurora⁠ Lyngdal. 

All five players have notable accomplishments in the women’s CSGO scene, with aurora grabbing a second-place finish in the ESEA Winter 2021 Women Cash Cup 4 Europe under GODSENT’s banner. With the Ambush trio and RacheLL, squad looks strong and ready to go up against teams in ESL Impact Season 2. 

“As a woman in Counter-Strike, you fight both for results and for respect, and with the Astralis star on our chest and the organization behind us, we believe we can make a change and win both battles.” aurora said. 

Unlike Astralis’ traditionally all-Danish lineup, the female roster comprises players from five countries with a Danish coach. The team will debut at ESL Impact on September 8 to secure a spot at the LAN finals, set to be held in Jönköping in November.

Here’s how the Astralis female roster looks: 

  • Aurora “⁠aurora⁠ Lyngdal
  • Héjja “⁠kezziwow⁠ Kászandrá
  • Selin “⁠spike⁠ Sinem Alak
  • Yoana “⁠Joanana⁠ Vlaykova
  • Rachel “⁠RacheLL⁠ Kujawa
  • Rafael “⁠FeldmaN⁠ Barroso (coach

What is ESL Impact in CSGO?

ESL Impact is a new women’s CSGO circuit organized by ESL. It features monthly Cash Cups, two yearly online league seasons, and standalone tournaments to provide a platform for women wishing to compete in CSGO professionally.