The Last Of us

Are Last of Us Fortnite skins coming?

By Nicholas James


Apr 17, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Fortnite is full of all sorts of pop culture crossovers, but are Last of Us Fortnite skins a possibility?

Donald Mustard, the Chief Creative Officer at Epic Games, was recently at an event where he was asked about the possibility of collaborating with Naughty Dog to bring The Last of Us to Fortnite. Fans of the hit narrative adventure games will be happy to hear that Joel and Ellie making their way into Epic Games’ Battle Royale is a distinct possibility.

Here’s what we know about a possible Last of Us Fortnite collaboration.

Is Last of Us Fortnite coming?

Fortnite seems to be collaborating with every enormous media property under the sun in recent years. From Star Wars to Marvel to real-life rock stars to the Wu Tang Clan, Fortnite’s got it all. With the smash success of the Last of Us TV show on HBO, fans have begun to wonder if a Joel or Ellie skin is in their future.

When asked if Epic Games would collaborate with Naughty Dog to bring their hit game to Fortnite, Mustard said it was a definite possibility in the future.

It’s not a confirmation by any means, but collaborating with other video games is well within the realm of Epic Games’ previous behavior. With the recent release of the Resident Evil 4 Remake, both Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy got playable cosmetics in the game.

With a Last of Us Part 3 being a distinct possibility in the future, especially with the TV show’s success, that could serve as another opportunity for the post apocalyptic world to come to Fortnite.

For now, however, it seems that there aren’t any planned Last of Us collaborations, but Mustard isn’t against it. In the meantime, fans of other video games can probably expect to see plenty of their favorite characters plastered all over their Fortnite lobbies.