Apex Legends Valentine’s Day event likely uncovered by dataminers

By Olivia Richman


Feb 8, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than playing Apex Legends? 

Developer and data miner Shrugtal has uncovered that a Valentine’s Day event is coming to the battle royale from February 12 to 19. The game files appear to reveal a “2XP duos with friends” mode, most likely a limited-time event.

Apart from that, it seems as though nothing else about the event has been uncovered. It’s not yet clear how the mode will work and if the double XP has any specific requirements to obtain. Shrugtal has predicted that you will only get the double XP benefit if you play with someone on your friend’s list. 

While most of Shrugtal’s followers seemed excited about duos coming to Apex Legends, some have suggested a solo mode for “lonely” players who won’t have anyone to play with on Valentine’s Day.  

Apex Legends fan and data miner iLootGames has also uncovered a handful of Valentine’s Day-inspired voice lines. The files don’t specify which lines go to which legend, but some are more obvious than others, like Pathfinder’s, “I’m just a robot” and “I think I love you, friend.” It’s also pretty clear who is saying, “Mirage a trois.” 

Before Revenant was officially revealed, data miners had predicted he was coming around Valentine’s Day, believing that some of these voice lines were related to the character. 

iLootGames also tweeted some Valentine’s Day weapon charms he uncovered from the game’s files. One was based on the Loch Ness Monster, adorned with hearts, bows, and even a rose in its mouth. The other charm is Pathfinder dressed as Cupid, complete with a bow and wings. This one was a big hit with his followers. 

Apex Legends fans are not too shocked by the Valentine’s Day event leak. Respawn Entertainment had a similar event last year. Players were awarded with a badge for respawning two teammates. 

Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon is coming back 

While Respawn Entertainment has yet to confirm any of these datamining finds, the developers have confirmed another prediction Shrugtal made. King’s Canyon is coming back. 

This was determined after Shrugtal saw “Canyonlands,” a code name for Apex Legends’ original map, in the game’s files. The dataminer said King’s Canyon is returning as a limited-time mode from February 21 to the 24th. Developers haven’t backed up these dates just yet, but have stated that Kings Canyon is coming back in March for the second half of Season 4. 


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