Apex Legends Thicc Boi Buffs honored with Battle Pass XP event

Olivia Richman • April 16, 23:57

The most recent Apex Legends patch notes have gone live. 

Featuring weapon changes, legend balancing, and the game’s first Battle Pass XP boosting event, the patch notes are currently available here

The first order of business was buffing the game’s “beloved thicc bois,” Pathfinder, Gibraltar, and Caustic. Those three legends were at a disadvantage due to their large hitbox sizes. To address this, Pathfinder’s hitbox was adjusted at the beginning of Season 1. Developers felt this wasn’t sufficient for Gilbraltar and Caustic. For Patch 1.1.1, the two legends were given an additional passive, Fortified, which reduces damage taken by 10 percent. 

The developers will be watching how the new adjustments affect performance over the next few weeks.

A number of changes were also made to improve long range gameplay. In the official patch notes, developers said they have reduced leg shot damage reductions on sniper weapons. This will ensure that players aren’t overly punished for landing slightly inaccurate shots at long distances. 

The Spitfire is getting nerfed, with its base damage going from 20 to 18. Its magazine extender attachment stats are also reduced. The Wingman is receiving a magazine size nerf, since deceldevel felt it dominated the “stock gun versus stock gun battle” at the beginning of matches. 

The patch also features the typical bug fixes and adjustments gamers have come to expect from such updates. But the biggest patch note for 1.1.1 is the Battle Pass XP Bonus Event the developers have implemented “in honor of Thicc-boi buffs.” 

From April 16 through April 18, players will receive one full bonus Battle Pass level worth 29,500 BPP for their first top five of the day. This goes up to level 110 and can be earned once per day. 

These events are planned to reoccur throughout the season. 


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