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Apex Legends streamer threatens teammate’s family on Twitch

By Olivia Richman


Jan 6, 2022

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Competitive players are known for being a bit toxic online, but sometimes players take their behavior further than what is socially acceptable. That was the case when well-known Apex Legends streamer Captain Valenti ultimately was banned on Twitch after a disturbing incident was streaming live.

The target of the abusive rant, Cirohsa, shared the clip on Twitter, asking for Twitch and Respawn Entertainment to respond. The clip showed Captain Valenti calling Cirohsa a “f—— homosexual” after he threatened to murder their entire family.

“Let’s get this guy banned,” Cirohsa tweeted.

Apex Legends community reacts to toxic behavior from Captain Valenti

The toxic outburst by Captain Velnti got a lot of attention on Twitter, including from 100 Thieves’ Apex Legends pro Veinn. He called the clip “actually disgusting.” Another said that the clip was the “fastest career suicide” they had ever seen. One person suggested that Captain Valenti should seek counseling.

The Apex Legends community then sent the clip to Respawn Entertainment.


Captain Valenti has been banned from Twitch. It’s unclear how long the ban is for, but the abusive language goes against Twitch’s Terms of Service, which states that there is “zero tolerance” for threatening to harm or kill others.


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