Rampart from Apex Legends

Apex Legends Solo mode is making a comeback

By Olivia Richman


May 1, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Apex Legends players are hype after hearing that Solos mode is returning in Season 21.

Respawn surprised gamers by announcing that developers have decided to give the fans what they want and bring Solos back. It was part of the official Season 21 update, which is still a bit cryptic on the details. Still, Respawn claimed they’d never bring Solos back so players are quite stunned at the news.

Here’s what we know so far about the Solo mode’s return.

Solos mode is back in Apex Legends

Solos hasn’t been in Apex Legends since Season 2. Back then, Solos was just a limited time mode and it never remained. Why? Developers felt that Apex Legends is a team game and that Solos don’t have the right balance, design, or core aspects of a battle royale like Apex.

Apparently, Respawn is having a change of heart. On their website it reads: “It’s every legend for themselves and all eyes are on you.”

Will Solos be a permanent game mode or a LTM once again? Fans think it’s probably temporary due to the wording of the season update, which calls it a “takeover.” It’s currently unclear how long Solos will be in Apex Legends and what the gameplay will be like. Will abilities be changed? Will there be map updates? We really are unsure.

For now, all we know is that Solos is returning and it will be for Season 21, which is May 6.

So are gamers excited for Solos return? Yes and no. While many can’t wait to play Solos they are skeptical of Respawn’s reasoning. The developers previously said they’d never bring Solos back but now it seems like their minds have been changed and gamers believe it’s all for money.

Still, a lot of top players are excited to drop in and some past content creators said they’d come back for Solos. But will it be ranked? That’s not clear right now.