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Apex Legends players outraged over Final Fantasy crossover prices

By Olivia Richman


Jan 8, 2024

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The highly anticipated Apex Legends x Final Fantasy 7 crossover has become a massive source of controversy after gamers realized it costs $360 to unlock every cosmetic.

The Final Fantasy crossover in Apex Legends is the first major IP event for the battle royale. Most have been excited for the interesting collaboration but the pricing has changed that excitement to dread and anger.

The Final Fantasy event is too expensive, Apex Legends fans say

There are 24 cosmetics in the event. If you unlock them all, you get a heirloom weapon. While it sounds straightforward, fans calculated that unlocking that many loot boxes costs $159.

Then, to get the Buster Sword heirloom and the One-Winged Angel Deathbox cosmetic, you’ll need to collect 36 event cosmetics that are priced at $16 per box.

While you can unlock all this without paying that much —like through daily challenges — this can take a lot of grinding. And with the Buster Sword disappearing forever after the event, players feel the need to hurry and get all of the cosmetics instead of relying on luck and grinding.

The high price is angering a lot of gamers.

“IN THIS ECONOMY!?” wrote one Apex player.

“One of the reasons I’ll never give Apex a chance again,” said another.

Added another: “We gotta draw the line somewhere. Unfortunately, people will still buy, no matter what. It almost falls down to ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ mentality.”

Respawn has yet to reply to the backlash.


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