Apex Legends players ask Respawn for a new support legend

By Olivia Richman


Aug 16, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Apex Legends players feel that the legend roster is a bit imbalanced after the arrival of Seer in Season 10. 

While fans often celebrate the addition of another new legend, Seer came with a bit of frustration as well. The legend expanded the already long list of recon legends, which also includes Bloodhound and Crypto. While these intel-gathering legends are useful, Apex Legends players feel that the meta needs to be shaken up a bit with a support legend. 

Currently, Apex Legends has seven offensive legends, five recon legends, and four defensive legends. Meanwhile, there are only two support legends. Lifeline has a healing drone and a care package ultimate. Loba provides teammates with a black market ultimate. For many Apex Legends fans, this isn’t really enough to make the roster balanced. 

Many Apex Legends fans have wondered if Respawn Entertainment has “run out of ideas” for support legends. To help, one Apex Legends fan even came out with a legend concept of their own. The theorized legend, known as Ghostwalker, has an ultimate that makes occupants within a six-meter bubble completely invisible. While there are legends that could counter this powerful ultimate, it was also seen as an anti-Seer ultimate that would impact the meta. 

Apex Legends legend concept

Another Apex Legends fan came up with a legend concept that would discourage the third-party rush meta by providing nearby teammates with a burst of “temporary over-shields” each time they eliminate an enemy. The team would receive more shields depending on how many people they eliminated. 

Others felt that Overwatch’s sniping support hero, Ana, would be a great addition to Apex Legends. Her Nano Boost and Baptiste’s healing grenades were both seen as potentially interesting concepts to implement in Apex Legends. 

The concept of an additional support legend was in general seen as very appealing to the Apex Legends community. A healer or a defense-focused legend seemed like the most popular wishes for the next legend. But only time will tell what the upcoming seasons will actually bring and who the next new legends will be. 


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