Apex Legends Pythas Block 0

Apex Legends Mobile reveals DJ Rhapsody, Pythas Block 0 map

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 7, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile will add a dash of Cyberpunk and melody to the cutthroat Outlands with Respawn Entertainment officially unveiling DJ Rhapsody and the night-themed Pythas Block 0 map. 

A recent surge in mobile gaming has prompted successful PC titles to expand. Apex Legends is the latest game to dip its toes into mobile gaming, but it’s doing things differently. The developer rolled out platform-exclusive content, piquing the interest of players. Fade was promising as it distinguished Apex Legends mobile from its PC counterpart. 

Considering the overwhelming response, Respawn is developing more platform-exclusive legends, and this time also a map. Pythas Block 0 and DJ Rhapsody will set a musical tone for Season 2 Distortion.

Apex Legends Mobile reveals Pythas Block 0

The trailer for new legend DJ Rhapsody is packed with surprises. The developer has dropped the first look at the 12th legend, but it’s the map that has players talking. Wandering around the chaos with her cute robo-dog, DJ Rhapsody seems to be partying in a new location. 

Pythas Block 0 is the upcoming map in Apex Legends Mobile. It’s a first-of-its-kind night-themed locale lit up with RGB strips and futuristic towers. Players are concerned about visibility issues on the map. However, the trailer makes it seem like an enjoyable location with the potential to host deadly battles. 

The map fits with DJ Rhapsody’s musical persona, which looks appropriate for the cyberpunk setting of Pythas Block 0. The legend comes straight out of a party with a dog robot. The exact nature of her kit is still unknown, but the trailer offers some hints.

In one of the clips, Rowdy the robotic dog creates a musical shield in front of her, forcing an enemy Octane back. She’s likely a Recon or defensive legend who has audio-based powers. Logically, she should gather audio cues of enemies using her bot if she’s a recon legend. Her voice line in the trailer suggests that the dog may actually play loud music, a concept that is wild for a serious shooter like Apex Legends. 

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“Pythas can try to drown out the truth, but they can’t drown out me. Because I got my stage, and you know I’m gonna make some noise. Loud enough for you?” DJ Rhapsody says. 

However, it’s not entirely out of the question. The developer is going a unique route with its mobile shooter. The dark map is proof. So, DJ Rhapsody could take things in a bold, different direction. 

When are Pythas Block 0 and DJ Rhapsody coming out in Apex Legends Mobile?

Pythas Block 0 and DJ Rhapsody will come out on July 12.

The new map and new legend are set to come with Apex Legends Mobile Season 2, dubbed Apex Legends Mobile: Distortion. It will also bring the usual roundup of new content to the game including new cosmetic items.