DJ Rhapsody Apex mobile

Read up on new Apex Legends Mobile character DJ Rhapsody

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 6, 2022

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Apex Legends Mobile is packed with feisty legends ready to battle it out at any moment. The roster may get an entertaining character that lightens up the mood with music. 

Respawn Entertainment initially rolled out Apex Legends Mobile with a roster of 10 characters, with new legend Fade getting the spotlight. The mobile-exclusive legend tempted PC players to take the mobile version for a swing.

Now there are 12 legends to choose from in the game. Since adding Loba, Respawn is seemingly testing another new mobile-exclusive character. 

If leaks are to be believed, the 12th legend will be a musical character named DJ Rhapsody with a robotic dog. The lively description of the new hero was enough to send PC players into a tailspin and pique the interest of mobile players. 

DJ Rhapsody Apex mobile

Who’s DJ Rhapsody in Apex mobile? 

According to the leaks, DJ Rhapsody is the upcoming 12th character in Apex Legends Mobile. The new legend will join the roster in season 3. 

The first teaser featured a silhouette of a character carrying a robot-like weapon on their shoulder. The text translates to “Guess Who I Am,” not giving away much about the legend’s kit. However, further leaks suggest that DJ Rhapsody is similar to Crypto, a legend from the full version of the game. The upcoming character may belong to the Recon class, the information gatherers, or the trackers category. 

Apex Legends has plenty of firepower in the likes of Wraith, Octane, and Bangalore. The current game meta is in dire need of a tracker to monitor enemies’ activities. It’s unknown how DJ Rhapsody’s kit will work, but the legend’s robot, Rowdy, would likely help gather information and assist teammates. Rowdy’s head has two speakers on each side, which could serve to use audio cues to fool enemies. 

The name DJ Rhapsody certainly hints at a musical element to the character’s abilities or appearance. Players shouldn’t be surprised if Respawn introduces a unique musical twist that prompts mobile players to carry a set of earbuds.

However, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt as the developer hasn’t yet dropped official teasers. Elements of the character could be reimagined during development. Players should expect some info soon. Season 2 ends in a few weeks and new content will likely come after. 


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