Conduit leak

Apex Legends hints at Season 19 legend, is it Conduit?

By Olivia Richman


Oct 18, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Apex Legends players just got another possible look at the next legend.

A recent teaser from the Apex Legends Twitter account stated that the next episode of Stories From the Outlands is coming tomorrow, October 19. Gamers are speculating that this will feature the next legend coming in Season 19.

But it’s not just hopeful guessing. The beginning of the tweet reads “Eto na.” This means “Here it is” in Tagalog, the language spoken in the Philippines. This coincides with a lot of previous rumors about the upcoming legend.

Who is the next legend in Season 19?

When you take a closer look at the image on the teaser tweet, you see a conversation between a new Apex Games entrant and their family. This means that the Stories From the Outlands trailer will definitely be about a new legend. And it appears this new legend is most likely from the Philippines.

If this is the case, this upcoming legend will be the first character from the Philippines — and the entire Southeast Asian region.

What else do we know about the upcoming legend? According to the family chat, the Apex Games contestant presents as female, since someone called them “sister.” This has pointed to the possibility that the legend is Conduit, a legend with shield regeneration that has been rumored for a very long time.

This rumor has been going around for a while but the latest leak was from Osvaldatore, who tweeted that Conduit is coming in Season 19. Conduit is allegedly a 27-year-old female with blue and yellow armor and the ability to heal shields and put up unbreakable fences.

For now, these are all rumors but we will most likely find out tomorrow. Before then, we don’t know the legend’s official name or abilities. Stay tuned for more information in the Stories From the Outland trailer tomorrow.