Apex Legends Halloween event details leaked, includes skins, LTM

Olivia Richman • October 3, 17:43

Season 3 brought Apex Legends fans to a brand new map, World’s Edge. The excitement doesn’t end there though, if recent leaks are to be believed.

Dataminers claim they have unearthed details on Apex Legends’ next special event. It appears the battle royale title will be celebrating Halloween with “Fight or Fright,” which is set to bring a limited-time game mode, skins, and more. 

Shadowfall LTM goes back to Kings Canyon for Halloween


The seasonal event introduces a LTM called Shadowfall, a “warped version of the Apex Games hosted at night, in an abandoned Kings Canyon,” according to leaked files. The solo game mode will have players come back as part of the “Shadow Squad” once they’re eliminated. This is a growing horde of undead players who can melee attack surviving players. 

“[Players] return from the dead to haunt their living counterparts with increased mobility and brutal melee attacks. The last 10 Living Legends will join forces to try to escape while the Shadow Squad attempts to stop them at all costs,” reads the file

According to dataminer That1MiningGuy, the host of this demented nightmare is known as “The Revenant.” The leaked files also mention an Evac Ship, which is most likely where the surviving legends will flee in order to escape the zombies. 

A haunting video of Shadowfall was shared by RealApexLeaks earlier today, showing just how eerily fast the undead players can run. A green Leviathan also appears in the quick video, which is allegedly found within the game files. 

The LTM hasn’t been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment. 

Halloween skins coming to Apex Legends


Data leaks have also revealed a number of skins available to unlock during Fight or Fright. This includes themed costumes for new legend Crypto, as well as skins for Caustic and Bloodhound. Crypto’s skin appears to transform him into a stylish vampire. 

Halloween skin Apex Legends leak

Lifeline will also be receiving a new Heirloom Set called “Shock Sticks.” The only other two legends with a coveted Heirloom set are Wraith and Bloodhound. The code states that this extremely rare set will only be unlockable for players after “obtaining and unlocking all Fight or Fright Collection Pack cosmetics.” 

There are 224 event cosmetics in total. 

Like the other Heirloom sets, Lifeline’s will not be available for purchase or to craft. 

That1MiningGuy posted about the set on Twitter, along with an image of her Heirloom weapon, a drumstick. This works perfectly with her first finishing move, where Lifeline knocks her opponents out with a musical implement before playfully spinning around. 

Fans applauded the possible weapon in the replies, saying it fit perfectly with the legend’s lore. 


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