Apex Legends Global Series Championship prize may hit $3 million

By Olivia Richman


May 20, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The Apex Legends Global Series Championship is potentially getting a much larger prize pool. The event’s $1 million prize pool may be boosted up to $3 million. 

The tournament is set to begin on May 22, but Respawn Entertainment had some last-minute changes to announce. In a tweet, the official Apex Legends account informed fans that the prize pool was now able to reach a whopping $3 million through in-game purchases. But these aren’t just any purchases. Respawn released special bundles for the Apex Legends Global Series, which are now available. 

“For each Mechameleon, Boared to Death, Wild Speed, and Silverback bundle purchased, we will add USD $5 to the prize pool and for each Animal Kingdom bundle purchased, we will add USD $20 to the prize pool, up to a cap of USD $2,000,000. This could bring the total potential prize pool up to USD $3,000,000. We’re excited to take the stakes of the ALGS Championship even higher, while giving you another way to show your support for your favorite teams,” read the official blog post

Apex Legends Global Series bundles

From now until June 1, players can purchase limited-time bundles in celebration of the Apex Legends Global Series Championship. This is EA’s official Apex Legends esports series, which will have some of the top teams and players competing for part of the ever-growing prize pool. 

There are four different bundles available for $20 each. 

The Mechameleon Bundle features a Legendary Pathfinder skin with the same name. The vibrant skin has Pathfinder looking like a mechanical neon-green chameleon. It also contains an epic banner frame called Change of Colour and an epic gun charm called Ancient Guardian. 

The Boared to Death Bundle has a skin of the same name for Fuse. This classic skin has Fuse looking like a wild west outlaw, complete with a cowboy hat and leather chaps. The bundle also has the Wild Swine epic banner frame and the Steely Swine epic gun charm. 

Wild Speed Bundle has Octane looking like a high-tech cheetah with his legendary Wild Speed skin. Black leather gives way to some cybernetic, yellow spots. He also has cat ears! Wild Speed Bundle also has an epic banner frame called Wild Spirit and a Cyber Cheetah epic gun charm. 

The final bundle is the Silverback Bundle. The tough-looking Silverback legendary skin makes Caustic look like a robotic ape. The bundle also includes an epic banner frame called King of the Jungle and the Hanging In There epic gun charm. 

The Animal Kingdom Bundle is the  fifth bundle option and contains every item from all four bundles combined. 

The final prize pool won’t be announced until June 1, when the items leave the shop. Until then, the prize pool will start at $1 million and will go up each time someone purchases one of these exclusive bundles. 


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