Gaiden Event

Apex Legends gets 40 exclusive cosmetics for Gaiden Event

By Olivia Richman


Jul 14, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Legends are about to become heroes in the upcoming Apex Legends update, Gaiden Event.

The new Gaiden Event is coming to Apex Legends on July 19, bringing exclusive cosmetics, limited-time game modes, and challenges. Here is everything that’s coming to Apex Legends in just a matter of days when the new Gaiden Event arrives.

Gaiden Event cosmetics

There are actually 40 event-exclusive Gaiden Event cosmetics coming to Apex Legends. This includes new legendary skins for Revenant, Mirage, Octane, and Wattson, as well as complimentary skins for the Flatline, Wingman, EVA-8, and the Charge Rifle. The legendary skins look eerily similar to some of the most iconic characters from many popular anime titles. There will be deals and bundles on offer throughout the event, making it easier to snag these limited-time looks without breaking the bank.

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There will also be two weekly challenge tracks to unlock with even more themed cosmetics. Here are the rewards to keep an eye out for:

July 19th to July 26th

  • Rewards include:
    • Fuse’s Down Thunder Epic Skin
    • Bionic Buddy Gun Charm
    • Epic 3030 “Cloudburst” Skin

July 26th to August 2nd

  • Rewards include: 
    • OK Holospray
    • 1 Gaiden Event Pack
    • 1 Apex Pack
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Armed and Dangerous mode returns to Apex Legends

The Armed and Dangerous mode in Apex Legends sees legends carrying only sniper rifles and shotguns. There’s barely any loot around to pick up, meaning you’ll need to rely on your starting equipment to power you through to victory. This creates a pretty chaotic match on World’s Edge, Olympus, or Storm Point. The Armed and Dangerous mode is available from July 19 to August 2.

You can find out more about these exclusive cosmetics and limited time gameplay opportunities here.


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