Apex Legend’s DUMMIES Big Day removed due to major bugs

Olivia Richman • September 9, 19:08

“We’re hitting pause on the party.” 

Soon after DUMMIES Big Day went live on Apex Legends servers, Respawn developers removed the limited-time mode. 

Respawn took to Twitter to inform fans that the fun mode would be removed after they discovered a bug that caused server crashes when a player was away from their keyboard on character select. 

“For the health of the game and our players, we’re turning it off and working on a fix with details to come as we have them,” Respawn tweeted. 

The LTM was released as part of Apex Legend’s September Soiree, which offers new limited time modes each week. DUMMIES Big Day was the first such mode introduced to fans. 

DUMMIES Big Day has players controlling “dummies” instead of agents including Wraith or Gibraltar. Players choose their dummy’s color, but aside from that every character has the same skills and abilities. They have a tactical that drops random loot and an ultimate with varying effects, like healing and sending out dancing decoys. 

September Soiree is part of Apex Legend’s sixth season, featuring not just the limited time modes but 20s-inspired cosmetics. The celebration was set to last four weeks, ending on October 5. 

Now that DUMMIES Big Day has been delayed, it’s unclear if Respawn will push back the entire schedule to make up for the days where the LTM was not available. For now, developers are working on a fix for the frustrating bug. 


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