Apex Legends devs may add a fan’s Arenas idea to the game

Olivia Richman • June 11, 2021 6:38 pm

Apex Legends players have been enjoying the new permanent game mode Arenas, but some fans think there are things Respawn Entertainment could improve to make the mode more balanced. 

Season 9 brought Arenas to Apex Legends, giving players a competitive mode that has teams of three compete to be the last team standing over a series of rounds. The mode is quite different from the battle royale, creating new metas and strategies. But this has brought up some imbalances that fans want to be addressed. 

In one Reddit thread, an Apex Legends player brought up a concept that would buff the Recon class to make them more viable in Arenas. The fan noted that Recon legends have a passive that’s no longer useful. They suggested that teams with Recon legends should be able to see the location of the next, smaller ring in the next round. This would be a small buff to Bloodhound, Crypto, Pathfinder, and Valkyrie that would help with positioning. 

Apex Legends fan buff

The Recon buff was met with a mixed response from Apex Legends fans. Some felt that the buff wasn’t really necessary since most people can easily figure out where the next ring is. Others commented that “nobody pays attention to the ring” anyway. But Respawn developer Daniel Klein seemed interested in the concept. 

“This is a cool idea! I’ll bring it up to the Arenas team and see what they think,” Klein said, commenting on the fan’s “super clean presentation.” 

It’s unclear if this buff will ever be introduced to Arenas or what it would look like if it were to be implemented. It’s possible that the Recon buff could be useful if Arenas made the rings more unpredictable in nature. Some fans suggested that the change would have to be even bigger to be impactful. For now, most Recon legends continue to be popular in Arenas, especially Valkyrie and Bloodhound. But some of their abilities, like Crypto’s, have gone to waste in this mode. 

Either way, the possibility of Apex Legends developers bringing a fan’s idea to life is very neat.


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