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Apex Legends developers slowing down legend releases

By Olivia Richman


Aug 15, 2023

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Apex Legends developers are looking to slow down legend releases going forward.

In an interview earlier this week, game designer Evan Funnell discussed the team’s future plans regarding new legends. When asked if he was worried about Apex Legends becoming too tough for new players to pick up thanks to the rapid addition of new legends, Funnell admitted that developers are hoping to “slow down” the process.

“There are ways that we’re trying to slow down the number of legends that we are creating,” he said. “To give breathing room.”

Four new legends have been added to Apex Legends over the past three years, meaning about one new legend every three months at the beginning. This slowed down somewhat in 2023 — there’s only been one new legend this year so far, Ballistic.

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Then in Season 18, the scheduled time when a new legend would be announced, developers introduced a reworked Revenant instead. While the changes were proven to be popular with players, it did leave some gamers wondering when the next legend would be released.

When is the next legend coming to Apex Legends?

Funnell didn’t give any further information about the changes to legend announcements just yet. He also didn’t confirm nor deny that more legend reworks were coming — nor when they would be released.

But that hasn’t stopped leakers and data miners from continuing to speculate.

Season 19 is getting a new legend, according to leakers, and it’s most likely Conduit. This previously leaked legend has a kit that revolves around manipulating shields.


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