Apex legends dataminer

Apex Legends tells dataminers to get a job in a hilarious hidden message

By Olivia Richman


Aug 11, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Apex Legends Season 18 has gone live with Revenant reworks and a battle pass full of exciting cosmetics. But players that wanted to dig further into the update were met with a funny troll from Respawn Entertainment.

Whenever a new update comes to Apex Legends and other free-to-play games, dataminers are quick to check out the files to see if there’s anything hidden within the update that isn’t meant to be seen just yet. Usually, this will include hints at upcoming legends and other future content to share with the community — but developers decided to surprise dataminers with a message of their own.

A prolific dataminer known as KralRindo recently shared a funny message.

Respawn Entertainment tells dataminers to apply for jobs

Apex Legends dataminer KralRindo showed off what he uncovered after Season 18 dropped.

The code begins with: “HI_DATAMINERS. TOP SECRET DATA HERE ->”


The text that followed included a link to Respawn Entertainment’s job listings, specifically jobs for developers. The possible troll was seen as a compliment to dataminers since Respawn has hired fans, including dataminers, to work on Apex Legends in the past. This includes iconic narrative designer David “FrozenFroh” Bartle, who spent years datamining the game before being hired.

Apex Legends has a history of embracing dataminers as part of the passionate battle royale community. In the past, developers have dropped hints within the files on purpose to allow dataminers to spill the beans on some developing storylines, including Forge.