Apex Legends crash errors continue to plague game after update

Quentyn Kennemer • July 25, 2019 1:22 am

Respawn Entertainment’s recent hotfixes for the dreadful “code:leaf” crash errors don’t seem to be very effective. Users are reporting all-new error types that show up after they’re booted from games.

The latest errors take on similar names, with “code:wheel” and “code:net” confirmed to be two of the mysterious codes that show when players are unceremoniously escorted to the main menu.

This issue doesn’t seem to be isolated. Many players have reported seeing these crashes and errors several times per session.

Developer Respawn Entertainment has yet to comment on the fresh round of bugs and crashes.

It’d be natural to feel frustration around the recent issues plaguing Apex Legends. Users have suffered through “code:leaf” ever since Season 2 first began, and just when players thought they were in the clear, more errors are here to ruin countless sessions with the game.

Still, many seem too far addicted to the game’s new ranked queue for the technical hiccups to spoil the fun. Streamers like Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek and Guy “Dr. Disrespect“ Beahm are back to regular Apex Legends play, and the Season 2 Battle Pass seems to turn more heads than the dinosaur-themed original.

New legend Wattson makes an impact


You could also attribute Season 2’s fresh feel to the exploding popularity of new legend Wattson. The champion has everyone testing new strategies, and the influx of building campers in mid and late-game scenarios has made the path to victory even more intense.

Early on, it appeared that some of Respawn’s other changes might do more harm than good. Buffs to underpowered weapons were mostly fine, though the Alternator’s current attachment-fueled power level has made it an almost mandatory carry.

On the upshot, Respawn seems to have achieved a decent overall balance as some of the worst guns now warrant more serious consideration. Energy weapons became more desirable with the arrival of extended magazine attachments, and even the Mozambique’s Hammerpoint Rounds make it a scary barrel to face.

These crashes might be the final hurdles for Respawn Entertainment to clear before proclaiming the second season of Apex Legends to be a success, but fans will remain wary until Respawn proves it can more reliably iron out such issues with its new patches and updates.


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