Apex Legends 1.15 fixes Havoc bug, addresses crash issues

By Quentyn Kennemer


Jul 19, 2019

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Apex Legends version 1.15 fixes a bug that made the Havoc a viable gun to use even without its all-important accelerator attachment.

The Havoc is an energy weapon that offers some of the meatiest pound-for-pound hits in the game. Its potency necessitates a tradeoff of a brief spin-up time before the gun fires its rounds.

Players could get around the issue by quickly tapping the trigger six times to fire off single instant shots. Hold the trigger down after the sixth shot, and you could continue firing the Havoc without delay.

Now, you’re forced to suffer through the downsides to take advantage of the health-shredding weaponry.

In February the Havoc joined the Devotion, a light machine gun, as the only two weapons with a delayed fire mechanic. Developer Respawn Entertainment made these energy weapons decent for late-game use provided you can find an appropriate attachment that would negate this penalty.

Energy weapons received love in the big Apex Legends Season 2 update thanks to the arrival of extended magazines.

The latest update, which you can now download on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, also addresses a short list of bugs. 

Most players will be happy to hear that Respawn continues to address several crash issues. The biggest has been the “Code:Leaf” error that appears after being abruptly removed from the server.

It also fixes an issue that let you unlock Octane’s loading screen from the Season 2 Battle Pass without reaching the requisite level of 94, which is more of a bummer.

There’s no telling when players will get another major content drop for Apex Legends, but it’s safe to say we won’t have to wait for the third season.

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