New Apex Legends bug has characters swapping abilities

By Olivia Richman


Jan 23, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Apex Legends is full of bugs, most of which cause endless frustration for those who play the free battle royale. But a surprisingly entertaining bug is back, giving legends the wrong abilities.

Choosing a legend is very important in Apex Legends. The team comp matters in this game since each legend has their own unique abilities. Well, until now. A bug has been discovered that gives legends the wrong abilities, including the wrong ultimate.

On Reddit, one Apex Legends player stated that they chose Loba before dropping into the map. Loba is known for her stylish appearance and her focus on collecting nearby loot with her unique ability. But the Loba player noticed that they had all of Wraith’s teleporting abilities instead.

“I didn’t even notice until I tried to put down my Black Market and heard the Wraith voice line. Safe to say my Wraith was equally as shocked as I was,” the gamer wrote.

In the video, the Loba’s teammate, an actual Wraith, looked on in confusion. The stunned teammates didn’t use the portals, most likely too confused to interact with the surprise abilities.

While it made for a hilarious video, this bug could spell game-breaking trouble for players in ranked matches. In competitive games, the makeup of a team truly matters and players rely on their teammates’ abilities to stay ahead of enemies.

What is the Apex Legends ability switch glitch?

This peculiar glitch has appeared in the past, with players reporting it as far back as 2019. At the time, players were equally confused as to why the legend they used had another legend’s entire kit, including passives, tactical, and ultimate.

While the community called on developers to fix it, it also had many wondering if it could be the premise of a lower stakes LTM similar to Overwatch 2’s Mystery Heroes. But in a ranked match, dropping in with entirely different abilities is not as entertaining.

The ability switch glitch is very uncommon and probably won’t impact most games. Still, developers are most likely looking to address this very soon.

What are common bugs in Apex Legends?

Random bugs are always popping up in Apex Legends. Most bugs occur during matches or can impact a player’s profile. Bugs can be reported on EA’s site here.

Some recent bugs include a player noticing that they didn’t get an animated badge after reaching Predator rank, the award showing up as non-animated instead. Another player noted that their badges weren’t being unlocked after they completed challenges. Some Apex Legends fans wrote that their level was reset to one. A lost Heirloom was another reported bug. A final famous glitch involves vehicles randomly vanishing.

When filling out a bug report, you’ll be asked when you noticed it, your platform, where you were in the game (lobby, match, profile, home page), and any other applicable information to your specific situation. You’ll be able to see other people’s replies to your bug as well as EA’s comments. Each bug will be marked off as “solved” once developers look into it and find a solution.