Apex Legends anti-cheat improvements may come in season 9

By Olivia Richman


May 2, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

New legend? Check. New game mode? Check. Apex Legends has been exciting players with an abundance of content updates and now developers have confirmed other major changes. This time, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that anti-cheat improvements are inbound. 

Conor “Hideouts” Ford, who is part of Apex security, recently confirmed that the battle royale is getting multiple anti-cheat system improvements in the “near future.” On April 30, the security analyst stated in a stream with Apex Legends player Christian “Nokokopuffs” Feliciano is hoping to have anti-cheat updates for the community soon. 

“We have a lot of improvements coming for anti-cheat in the very near future,” Hideouts said. 

Unfortunately, the Apex Legends community was not told what date the “very near future” is. Season 9 updates are coming in three days, including Valkyrie and Arenas. But the anti-cheat improvements will most likely not drop that very day. Fans are also not sure what the improvements will be, but so far Hideouts has been held in high regards by the Apex Legends community so players are expecting positive changes. 

Apex Legends, despite being a free-to-play title, has had good luck with cheaters and hackers compared to other games in the genre. Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have both had serious cheating problems throughout their histories. Call of Duty: Warzone has had the worst experience with cheaters and the developers have been criticized constantly for their failure to combat cheating. There have even been hackers at higher levels and in tournaments. 

With its pretty successful anti-cheat system, fun abilities, and dynamic updates, Apex Legends has rapidly grown in popularity since it dropped. Respawn currently announced that Apex Legends hit 100 million players and according to developers, they’re “just getting started.” With Apex Legends Season 9 dropping May 4, it will be exciting to see how the new legend, game mode, and other updates will increase the player count. 

Can you cheat in Apex Legends?

Like all games, especially free-to-play games, you can attempt to cheat in Apex Legends using third-party software. About a year ago, this was a bigger problem. But Respawn Entertainment reacted quite quickly to the issue and has kept the cheating and hacking under control for the most part. 

Is Apex Legends still popular?

Apex Legends is more popular than ever, reaching 100 million players. The struggle for Apex Legends has been establishing a strong presence in esports. Compared to Fortnite and PUBG, Apex Legends is a bit behind in developing its competitive scene and at this point in the game’s history that may not change.