Ancient is changed, Trusted mode is fixed in new CSGO update

By Steven Rondina


May 14, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Ancient was added suddenly to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s active duty map rotation, and now Valve is scrambling to make it fit for formal competition.

Back in 2019, Vertigo was dusted off and added to the competitive map pool. Just three days later the map was added to the professional rotation, replacing a previous mainstay in Cache. What followed was months of overhauls and redesigns to better balance for professional players.

Ancient had more time to stew, getting added to the rotation on May 3 by replacing Train. Though it was introduced several months prior with the start of Operation Broken Fang in December, the map still likely faces several rounds of changes in the immediate future, including these latest alterations.

Many of the changes are straightforward graphical updates to props and textures, fixing pixel gaps and adjusting some props. There were some more significant updates to key areas in the map, however.

Most of these changes revolve around Ancient’s A-side bombsite. A second cubby has been added around the mid connector “to remove cheap shoulder angle towards site” with the rock in that area being shrunken down. Some clipping changes were also made around A site, with the most notable being a change near the bombsite sign that allows players to boost themselves onto the planter once again.

These are some fairly significant changes to the map. Expect even more to come in the weeks ahead.

CSGO “Trusted Launch” alert bug fixed

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Though the most important changes in this update came to Ancient, the one that will be of the greatest impact to most players is a fix to the frustrating “Trusted Launch” alert. Issues surrounding Trusted mode yielded repeated, inconvenient alerts that could get players kicked out of queues and sometimes even out of games. 

Valve noted that it “fixed a case where players would receive duplicate warnings about launching in untrusted mode.” That’s a relatively minor change, but surely a welcome one for players that have been struggling to keep CSGO running as intended.

Grind, Frostbite receive changes alongside Ancient

Ancient wasn’t the only other map to receive some changes in this update. Grind and Frostbite also received some changes as well, albeit less significant ones.

Over on Grind, A long’s wall is now surfable. A number of other issues around A site were fixed including an “out of map boost” and a few collision spots around the wall and pillars. Frostbite received a few graphical changes including reworked watchtower models and gaps in the terrain. These tweaks came alongside some minor bug fixes.