Amouranth says she lost money on Twitch despite restored ads

By Olivia Richman


May 24, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Even though hot tub streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has ads back on her Twitch channel, the controversial streamer revealed that she’s still losing a lot of money after the recent ordeal. 

The Twitch community was set into relative chaos when Amouranth suddenly had her ads removed without warning. The demonetization had Amouranth losing about $500,000 in estimated annualized income. Even though she still had other revenue streams available, other content creators feared what the situation meant for other streamers since Amouranth had not been explicitly breaking any guidelines and hadn’t been notified in advance of the coming move. 

Twitch finally responded, explaining that some companies wanted their ads removed from certain types of content on the platform. This most likely included Amouranth’s sexualized hot tub streams that have caused quite a bit of frustration for some people in the gaming community. Twitch ultimately apologized for making the move without giving Amouranth any warning. Twitch gave her ads back soon after the streamer spoke out on Twitter. 

Amouranth hot tub

Amouranth complains about Twitch stream demonetization

Amouranth explained that the situation hasn’t been concluded as neatly as it may appear. 

“For comparison, before the demonetization, I was getting $1,000 a day in advertisements. Yesterday, I streamed for like 15 hours, had a 15,000 viewer average, and had $130 in ad revenue,” Amouranth said. 

If this average continues, Amouranth would make just under $50,000 a year in ad revenue from Twitch, losing almost $440,000. Even though Amouranth still makes money through subscriptions, donations, and her OnlyFans page, this reduction is huge. It has continued to concern other streamers as well. Some have even noted it may represent a contract breach on Twitch’s part. 

Twitch recently created a channel dedicated specifically to bikini-clad streamers who sit in inflatable pools. It’s possible that this could increase Amouranth’s ad revenue once again since companies will be able to target a more mature audience by showing up on streams within that category. But this has yet to be seen.