Amouranth gets ads back on Twitch channel after hot tub drama

Olivia Richman • May 23, 2021 12:34 am

The streaming community has been calling on Twitch to be more consistent with its punishments, decisions, and Terms of Service disputes as the “hot tub meta” continues to take over the platform. 

Even though hot tub streamers have been getting a lot of criticism from the gaming community, the majority of people were still angry to hear that Twitch suddenly removed all ads from Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragus’ channel without warning. While Amouranth’s hot tub streams have annoyed some Twitch users, she had not broken any rules. Other streamers were horrified that Twitch was able to remove her ads without any prior explanation being given. 

As part of Twitch’s attempt to quell the ongoing controversy, the company gave Amouranth ads back on her channel. 

“We recently suspended advertising on some channels that were flagged by the majority of our advertiser base and failed to notify them,” Twitch said. “We should have alerted affected streamers to this change before it happened. It was a mistake not to do so. We’re working with individual creators to address their specific situations and restore ads where appropriate.”

Soon after this statement was released, viewers reported seeing advertisement breaks again on Amouranth’s channel, including on VODs. 

Twitch claimed that the ads were removed at the request of the companies who run them. They may not have wanted their products associated with suggestive and possibly offensive content. 

To address this issue, Twitch also posted a blog post that explained the creation of a new category: Hot Tubs, Pools & Beaches. Instead of being part of the “Just Chatting” section of Twitch, streamers who choose to wear bikinis and hang out in inflatable pools will now have their own designated category on the platform. This will ensure that advertisers will have an easier time selecting where their ads show up. It will also allow certain advertisers to target a more adult audience. 


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