Amouranth reveals how female Twitch streamers get more viewers

Olivia Richman • January 29, 2021 12:03 am

Controversial Twitch streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has revealed a secret to getting viewers. But it only works if you’re a female streamer.

Amouranth was hanging out with Devin Nash during an IRL stream, answering questions from her fellow Twitch partner. This led to some helpful hints for female Twitch streamers looking to boost their views with little or no effort on their end. She called it the new “Twitch meta.” 

Amouranth explains how female streamers can get more views on Twitch

Nash asked Amouranth why she streams in her room. She replied that it’s simply for the better lighting. Oh, and because there’s a bed behind her. According to Amouranth, she can lay on the bed when she gets low on views. That’s the “new meta on Twitch for girls,” she added while shopping around. 

Devin then asked if Amouranth used that tactic herself. 

“Occasionally,” Amouranth responded. “Lately, I haven’t had to because my views have been pretty okay.” 

The conversation turned back to shopping soon after that moment, but it was definitely conversation viewers couldn’t forget. It seemed as though Amouranth was joking, potentially mocking female streamers who rely on attracting male subscribers to stay successful on the streaming platform.

This would potentially include mocking herself since Amouranth is known for her revealing dancing and ASMR streams. Amouranth is well known mostly due to a very controversial wardrobe malfunction that didn’t seem to warrant any severe punishment from Twitch. 

But jokes aside, Amouranth may actually be wrong about which female streamers on Twitch get views and how. It seems that the bed technique might not be as effective as she let on. Most of the top female streamers in 2020 play video games rather than spend the majority of their time in the Just Chatting category. 

Of course, it’s not impossible for this simple trick to get women extra viewership. It might be worth a shot for new streamers looking to get in on that “simp” audience. But going into 2021, playing games or creating content seems just as promising. The sky’s the limit. 


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