Amouranth rant

Amouranth catches man taking a photo of her butt at Walmart

By Olivia Richman


Oct 24, 2019

Reading time: 4 min

Popular Just Chatting streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa was broadcasting live from a Walmart when her fans got to see the kind of stuff the Twitch star deals with on a daily basis. 

Dressed in a Hooters tank top and perusing the snack isle, Amouranth appears to be minding her own business when a guy in a grey hoodie creeps into the background of the stream with his camera aimed at her buttocks. 

The creeper was going to simply walk his cart full of toilet paper past her when he noticed that she was recording everything that had just happened. 

Most likely feeling awkward and guilty, the man pulled the cart up next to Amouranth and quietly said, “excuse me” while pointing towards the snacks behind her. As the streamer moved her cart out of the way for the exposed pervert, he pretended to snap a photo of some of the food items on the shelf. 

It’s unclear if he felt this would somehow explain away the fact that he had his phone aimed at her butt, but it didn’t work at all. Amouranth smirked uncomfortably into the camera as she continued to push her cart away from the man who apparently loves to take photos of Oatmeal Creme Pies and Nutty Buddy Bars. 

Her Twitch chat exploded. Viewers began to commentate on the bizzare happenings, warning Amouranth that the man was taking her photo. Some joked that he was being “smooth” about trying to snap a photo of her without consent. Others called it shameless. One person in the Twitch chat even said that he should upload the photo. 

“I can’t blame him. I would, too,” wrote another person. 

Was taking photographs of Amouranth legal?

Although it was definitely a little more creepy than Amouranth’s own live stream, what the man did was legal in most of the country since they were both filming in a public place. But if they were in Houston, Texas, where Amouranth is from, it might be a different story. 

In Amouranth’s home state of Texas, there is an “improper photography” statute when it comes to street photography, making it illegal to photograph a subject without their consent if they have the “intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person.” 

In Chapter 21.15 of the Penal Code, it states it’s against the law to photograph or record someone’s intimate areas or genitals without their consent. This offense could lead to state jail felony charges, incarceration in a state jail facility for up to 180 days, and a fine of up to $10,000. 

It could be argued that Amouranth had made no attempt to hide her bottom giving the length of her shorts. But it was most likely not Amouranth’s intentions to have a random man take her photo to gratify a sexual desire. 

Amouranth no stranger to streaming controversy 

Even if what the man did was not breaking any laws, does that mean it’s okay to do what he did? Unfortunately, many people in Amouranth’s chat seemed to find the situation comical, while some even said they’d do the same thing themselves if they saw her. 

Amouranth is most well known for her sexy cosplays and her IRL streams, which include playing Just Dance and wearing revealing clothing while chatting with her followers. She also has an “uncensored” Patreon for paying fans. 

The streamer was recently banned from Twitch when she claimed to accidentally expose her genitals on stream while playing with her dog. Many other streamers felt that it wasn’t an accident and thta she had done it for, no pun intended, additional exposure. Either way, the incident did work out in her favor. Hers became the fastest growing Twitch channel upon her return. 

But does dressing sexy on camera and acting provocatively for fans mean that she loses her right to privacy and respect when she’s going about her errands? 

Amouranth has faced a lot of hostility for her IRL streams, with viewers accusing her of taking advantage of her male viewers. It appears that Amouranth’s ability to make money off of her looks and general sex appeal have rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. For many women in the entertainment industry, it seems as though her being seen as promiscuous or confident with her sexuality causes them to lose respect for her.

Isn’t this attention what she wanted? Doesn’t she want men to notice her body? These are questions that are frequently asked.

But Amouranth most likely wants attention and admiration on her own terms, like most people. 

Still, one Reddit user felt that she was most defintely trying to cause a public scene. He explained that one to two minutes before the clip, she had supposedly been eating Swiss Rolls, which he called “somewhat phallic,” in a slow manner. 

“If I’m standing around at a Walmart and a chick in revealing clothes is oddly shoving something that looks like a creamfilled wang in her mouth to a camera. I’m going to be like ‘wtf is going on here?’ You can see the same guy in the background during the frames where she eats the first Swiss Roll in an odd manner. He then comes back after she finished and that is where the OP’s clip begins. So he did see her basically deep throating a Swiss Roll,” the Reditor explained. 

One person responded that it “still wasn’t an excuse” to so blatantly take a photo of her butt at a public place.


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