All the Soul Fighter game mode details

By Nicholas James


Jun 27, 2023

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The Soul Fighter event is coming to League of Legends, Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics, and we’ve got all of the rewards and options consolidated in one place.

The Soul Fighter event is one of Riot’s separate universe events, introducing a new skin line with its very own story and lore. This event is spreading to all of the League of Legends-adjacent titles in Riot’s roster. The mobile version, Wild Rift, will be getting skins and the new game mode. Teamfight Tactics will be getting a brand new Arena, and Legends of Runeterra will get card backs and emotes.

Soul Fighter event brings Soul Fighter game mode

The Soul Fighter game mode is the new 2v2v2v2 arena mode coming to League of Legends and Wild Rift. Four teams of two players pick champions, select runes, and fight their opponents round-by-round. As the rounds advance, they level up, buy items, and select upgrades from the brand-new Augment system.

This is a gameplay system cribbed directly from Teamfight Tactics. Augments are unique upgrades that are separated into three tiers of ascending power, Silver, Gold, and Prismatic. In TFT, players select three Augments throughout the game, and it’s likely to be similar in Soul Fighter.

What are the Soul Fighter Augments?

Several Soul Fighter Augments were previewed in the new Fight: Arena trailer published by Riot Games. The first is Now You See Me. This Augments grants a new Summoner Spell of the same name. Using the Now You See Me Summoner Spell teleports you to the locations you began your last movement ability at.

This will let assassins flit around the fight even more than normal, with the example footage showing Akali making great use of the Augment. Now You See Me is a silver tier Augment. It’s also classified as a Utility Augment, a new classification system that might help differentiate Augments.

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The next Augment is a gold tier Augment, Extendo Arm. Extendo Arm automatically fires a Blitzcrank Hook every 12 seconds at a nearby enemy champion. In the clip provided, Lee Sin reaches out and grabs a Katarina before kicking her out of the flaming circle on the map with Dragon’s Rage. This deathmatch mechanic of a shrinking map has showed up in the mostly-abandoned game mode Nexus Blitz.

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The final previewed Augment is Blade Waltz, a Prismatic Utility Augment. Like Now You See Me, Blade Waltz grants the player a new Summoner Spell named after the Augment. The Blade Waltz Summoner Spell makes you untargetable, and you will dash around damaging enemies. In the clip, Fiora uses it to automatically complete her ultimate’s vital points without worrying about taking damage back.

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All the previewed Soul Fighter Augments

In a brief flash in the Soul Fighter trailer, fans get a glimpse at some of the Augments that will be available for play. This is a full list of the previewed Augments, with some speculation about what they’ll do.

Silver Augments:

  • Blunt Force: This Augment uses the Attack Damage icon, likely boosting total AD.
    Buckle Up: This Augment gets a preview later on in the trailer, summoning the enormous sleigh from Nexus Blitz to careen around the map.
    Buff Buddies: Picturing the red and bue buffs from Summoner’s Rift, this will likely grant those buffs to teams.
    Castle: Referencing a chess term, this icon pictures two people swapping place. This will almost certainly let you swap places with your ally.
    Now You See Me: Now You See Me was previewed in the video and is discussed above.
    Contract Killer
    Deft: Deft shows the Attack Speed symbol and will grant extra Attack Speed.
    Don’t Blink: This seems to be a mobility Augment that will allow the player to teleport or otherwise evade enemies.
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Gold Augments:

  • Extendo Arm: Extendo Arm is one of the previewed Augments.
    Apex Inventor: Apex Inventor shows the an hourglass, perhaps granting a Zhonya’s-like effect.
    Banner of Command: Referencing a long-gone Summoner Spell and item, this will likely plant a flag that buffs allies.
    Cannon Fodder: This one is unclear, showing a minion’s eyes peeking out from inside a cannon.
    Celestial Body: This shows a person healing, and will likely supplement or grant healing.
    Combo Master: Showing a modified version of the Phase Rush symbol, this will likely heal the user.
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Prismatic Augments:

  • Blade Waltz: Blade Waltz is fully previewed in the trailer.
    Acceleration Sorcery: Showing the Ability Haste icon, this Augment will likely encourage spell-slinging.
    Back to Basics: Showing Garen’s sword chained-up, this Augment might take away a champion’s Ultimate for more stats and power.
    Can’t Touch This: Also depicting Garen’s sword, this Augment’s function is hard to guess.
    Chauffeur: Showing a fencer dashing forwards, this is likely a mobility augment.
    Cirice of Death: Another unclear Augment, this could save the user from death or otherwise enhance their durability.
    Courage of the Colossus: Named after a defunct rune from the previous rune system, Courage of the Colossus granted tanks a large shield upon CC-ing enemies and will probably do the same now.
    Dashing: Using one of the TFT scaling icons for casting abilities, this seems to care about AP or spells.
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Those are all of the details we have about the new Soul Fighter game mode, coming to both League of Legends and Wild Rift.


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