Pokemon gen nine starters

All that’s known about Fuecoco from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

By Steven Rondina


Jul 26, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The starters for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are confirmed, and while all of them have been warmly received, Fuecoco has arguably been the most popular of the bunch.

Though Sprigatito and Smoliv have been the most thoroughly memed Pokemon among the gen nine newcomers, Fuecoco has received unanimous praise from fans. While many Pokemon are quite matter-of-fact in their presentation, the new fire-type starter has a clear energy to it. Even those who are leaning in the direction of Quaxly or Sprigatito can acknowledge that the little crocodile has its charm.

So what is actually known about Fuecoco in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet at this point? And can fans see the Pokemon in action yet?

What is Fuecoco based on?

Fuecoco is based on a crocodile.

Many Pokemon are somewhat vague in their design. Not only that, but publishers aren’t above blatantly mislabeling Pokemon. For example, Bidoof is clearly a beaver but is officially categorized as the “plump mouse Pokemon.”

That’s not the case with Fuecoco, who is categorized as the “fire croc Pokemon.” This is technically the second crocodile starter after Totodile, but that isn’t hurting its popularity among fans.

Is Fuecoco a hot pepper or an apple?

One of the most popular points of discussion surrounding Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the nature of Fuecoco. Though it’s explicitly stated that the new fire starter is a “fire croc Pokemon,” fans have been suggesting that he’s not just a crocodile, but is also a fruit or a vegetable.

Fans are particularly taken by the notion that the Pokemon is actually a ghost pepper. This makes sense given its shape, bright red color, and the sprig of hair that looks like a stem. The notion of a ghost pepper Pokemon lends naturally to an interesting fire-ghost or fire-grass typing.

The trouble with that is that a fire-ghost starter was just introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus with Hisuian Typhlosion. While Game Freak once introduced three fire-fighting starter Pokemon in a row, it still feels unlikely that two fire-ghost Pokemon will come out in a row.

What is Fuecoco’s evolution?

No information has been given regarding the evolution of Fuecoco.

It is still unknown what Fuecoco evolves into and what its final typing may be. Fan speculation has been wild, with fan art including a gigantic fiery pepper, a tyrannosaurus, an actual crocodile, and more.

Alleged leaks have been plentiful for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so far. Speculation on the final evolution for Fuecoco have suggested that it is not bipedal and will see the sprig on its head transform in some way. There’s no guarantee that these leaks are accurate, however.