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All playable BG3 companions to recruit for the final battle

By Olivia Richman


Aug 22, 2023

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Baldur’s Gate 3 has three acts, ultimately ending in your final encounter with the Elder Brain. Once you gather three Netherstones, you can battle this formidable foe — but you don’t have to do it alone. Here are all the playable allies you can bring with you and how to recruit them all.

By this point in Act 3, you have ten characters you can choose from to create your final party of four. Here is how to recruit them to your party and face the Elder Brain.


Astarion is in the Wilderness when he sees you crash down from the Nautiloid early in the game. He will agree to join your party with the promise of being cured or learning how to control the Mind Flayer’s power.


This Wizard is originally stuck in a portal in the Wilderness. When you pull him out he will join your party if you agree to it.


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If you need a healer, you may want to save the Emerald Grove instead of destroying it. This will convince this Wood Elf to join your camp. You will then need to complete his companion quest in Act 2 and dispel the Shadow curse to get him to join your party.


Jaheira is in the Last Light Inn in Act 2. She will join your camp after you save the Inn from Ketheric Thorm’s attack. Win the battle in the Moonrise Towers to convince her to become part of your party.


This Tiefling Barbarian can be found wounded by the riverside on the Risen Road. Defeat the Paladins that are hunting her down and she will join your party.


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When you finally get to the top of Nautiloid, you’ll first encounter Lae’zel. She is captured by Tieflings after the crash. if you save her from her cage she will join your party.


If you have Jaheira in your party, you can then ask Minsc to join your party as well. Just convince him that he’s being brainwashed by the Absolute near the end of Act 3.


The Drow Paladin will only join your camp unless you take her side in the battle against the Emerald Grove in Act 1. If you remember, you must fight for Emerald Grove to get Halsin, so you will have to choose which one you want in your party more.


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After the Nautiloid crash, you will find Shadowheart unconscious on the ground if you try to save her originally. If you didn’t want to save her at first, Shadowheart can be found trying to open the door to an ancient tomb. Either way, she will join your party at this point.


When the Goblins attack Emerald Grove, you’ll encounter Wyll. Simply talking to him will lead him to join your party. You just need to slay all the Goblin leaders threatening the Druids.


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