All of the NPC locations for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

By Nicholas James


Nov 3, 2022

Reading time: 5 min

The new Fortnite season has brought new NPCs to interact with and buy items and services from. Here’s a full list of all NPC locations in Fortnite Chapter Three Season Four.

Part of what sets Fortnite apart from its battle royale contemporaries is its frequent use of non-player characters, or NPCs, both hostile and non-hostile. Here’s an alphabetical list of the NPCs’ locations, from whom you can buy items and unique services, or fight for rewards.

All the NPC locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

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Bao Bros

Bao Bros can be found in the vault to the east of Loot Lake, among the abandoned IO bases on the shore. The Bao Bros can let you use a Rift, and purchase uncommon EvoChrome Shotguns and Burst Rifles.

Beach Bomber

Beach Bomber can be found in Coney Crossroads, and offers the ability to morph into an inanimate object until you get into combat, a la prop hunt-style game modes. Beach Bomber also, appropriately, sells Boogie Bombs.


Blackheart is in Lustrous Lagoon, appropriately atop his floating pirate ship. Blackheart can be fought, but be careful, he’s tough! If you decide to keep him friendly, he sells Chrome Splash and a Rare Prime Shotgun.

Bunker Jonesy

Bunker Jonesy is one of the NPCs who can spawn in Fort Jonesy, though only two of them will spawn in during any given round.

Castaway Jonesy

Castaway Jonesy is one of Fort Jonesy’s optional spawns, only appearing in some lobbies. Castaway Jonesy sells a Rare Sidearm Pistol, and can be hired.

Chrome Punk

Chrome Punk can be found at the Flutter Barn, and sells the Zero Point Pretzel, and Chrome Splash.


Cryptic can be found inside the abandoned IO airship above the Rave Cave. Cryptic is one of the hireable NPCs, and also sells Med Mist.


Evie appears on the northeastern side of the map, on the island of Syndicate Shoals. Evie can either activate a Rift or sell you Boogie Bombs.


Fishstick, the iconic fish-headed NPC, can be found in the north of the map in Shiny Sound. Fishstick can be hired to aid your team, or can provide you with Chug Splash.


Guaco can be found in Greasy Grove, and also offers the ability to transform into an inanimate object as well as Chili Chug Splash.

Jonesy the First

Jonesy the First, the OG himself, is yet another NPC that can spawn in at Fort Jonesy. Jonesy the First can be hired, and sells a rare Prime Shotgun.


Kit is an optional spawn that doesn’t appear every round, but when they do it will be at the Scratch Pad location. Kit can be hired and sells a Legendary Lever Action Shotgun.


Kyle can be found in the Chop Shop, which is to the northeast of Chromejam Junction. Kyle sells the Chug Cannon.


Mancake spawns every round in Rocky Reels. Mancake sells the powerful The Dub shotgun and Shield Kegs.


Maximillian can be found on top of the hill to the north of Loot Lake, in Floaties Boats. Maximillian sells Chrome Splash and Shockwave Grenades.

Meow Skulls

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Meow Skulls, the new NPC that fans can claim as a costume in the battle pass, can be found inside the Rave Cave. Meow Skulls can be hired, and can activate the Prop Disguise ability.


The resident jacked cat of Fortnite, Meowscles, can be found in the town of Rocky Reel. Meowscles can be hired and sells a Rare Hammer Assault Rifle.


Panther can be found in the gas station just across the bridge from Rocky Reels, wandering the ground floor. Panther sells a legendary SMG and can reveal future storm circles.

Relaxed Fit Jonesy

Relaxed Fit Jonesy is yet another Jonesy variant that can be found in Fort Jonesy as an optional spawn. He can be hired and sells a Rare Prime Shotgun.


Rustler can be found inside of the buildings at the entrance to the mines at Shifty Shafts. You can give Rustler a small tip or buy the Boom Sniper Rifle, a great anti-vehicle choice.


Sabina can be found in Shell or High Water, to the northwest of Shiny Sound. She sells a rare DMR and player bounties.


Stash’d hangs out in the very south of the map at Chonker’s Speedway. Stash’d sells a rare SMG and can be hired to help you.


Sunbird, in all his highly-costumed glory, can be found in The Temple, just northwest of Lustrous Lagoon. Sunbird can reveal future storm circles and sells the Shadow Tracker.


Underwinter can be found in Tilted Towers near the center of the city. Underwriter can heal players and sells Shield Potions.

The best NPC items in Fortnite Season Three Chapter Four

With so many unique items being sold by NPCs, which ones should you care about the most? Exotic weapons like The Dub from Mancake or the Boom Sniper Rifle from Rustler are likely the most desirable, though they do cost a hefty investment of gold.

Other useful items include the ability to see upcoming storm circles, giving your squad the information advantage to get somewhere useful and set up. If you’re a fan of the Suppressed Pistol, Sunbird’s Shadow Tracker pistol will make you right at home.

NPCs can often offer rare gear you could be in need of, so don’t forget to check in on the NPCs that carry mobility items, storm circle previews, and good weapons.