All of the correct Dust 2 callouts in CSGO

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Learning the correct callouts in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is vital if you want to improve in the game.

One of the best things about CSGO is the depth of the tactical aspect of the game. You can always learn new things and improve. If you want to get better on Dust 2, then this guide is just what you need. Here are all the different callouts on the map, as well as some tips on how best to use them.

Map callouts on Dust 2

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There are a lot of different callouts on Dust 2. On this map, the most important terms are written in a larger font. Make these your priority. It is essential to know these callouts, no matter what level you play at. 

Most of the smaller callouts are based on an item on the map. The area named “car” close to long A is named car because of the car that is placed there. Others have a historic origin. The area behind A is called goose, in honor of one of the creators of the first Counter-Strike mods. Minh “gooseman” Le helped develop the original Counter-Strike mod for Half-Life. Valve has added graffiti of a goose on the wall next to the spot in honor of his work.

Some of the callouts are based on the experience of players. Suicide, the alley between mid and T-spawn, is so named because of how likely you are to be sniped should you decide to go there at the start of the round.

How to use callouts on Dust2

If you call out an enemy in a specific spot, it is important to be certain about the information you give to your teammates. An incorrect callout can confuse them, making them focus on the wrong area of the map. If you hear someone at B but you’re not sure if he’s car or doors, simply saying that you hear someone B is the safest option.

Some of the callouts on Dust 2 have the same name. Both sites have a position called car. If you spot someone in one of these places, be sure to tell your team which one you’re talking about. The difference between A car and B car can win you a round. 

Take a closer look at an area like the tunnels at B. Most people call this entire area tunnels, but this isn’t enough. Try to find out if your enemy is in the upper or lower tunnels. The same goes for A short. There’s a big difference between being told someone is short or cat. 

If you and your teammates know how to use these callouts on Dust 2, you will be able to better communicate where your opponents are. And that’s an advantage that could win you many rounds.