These are the 3 best, most OP weapons to make Elden Ring easy

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Challenging fights require OP weapons in Elden Ring, and smart players can pick up some of the best early in the game.

In traditional FromSoftware fashion, Elden Ring immediately challenges the player with a bunch of tough fights. From the local dungeons to the imposing Tree Sentinel, there are a ton of roadblocks to early progress.

These hurdles aren’t unclearable, though. Overpowered weapons are everywhere if you know where to look. Though different builds can get a lot of value out of various weapons, the Sword of Night and Flame, the Moonveil katana, and the busted Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War are some of the best for a number of classes.

The Sword of Night and Flame is one of the best weapons in Elden Ring

As soon as Elden Ring was released, players quickly found one of the most OP weapons in the Sword of Night and Flame. Smart players can grab it as soon as they unlock Torrent. The first step is to skip Stormveil Castle by following the route below. Most enemies can be bypassed entirely just by riding past on your trust spectral steed. Then continue up the east side grabbing maps and Sites of Grace along the way. 

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Eventually, players will come across the Carian Manor, a linear dungeon. Advance through until finding the Manor Lower Level grace. To get the Sword of Night and Flame early, head out onto the ramparts and jump down to a collapsed tower on the left. Below is a chest containing the most OP early weapon in Elden Ring.

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The Sword of Night and Flame scales with all four major combat stats and has two of the most OP weapon skills in all of Elden Ring. It either blasts enemies with a massive laser beam or slashes a massive area with a ring of fire. It’s easy to upgrade with Somber Smithing Stones and scales well even into the late game. This is a great weapon to pick up early and play through the entirety of the game with.

The Moonveil katana is an OP early DEX weapon

If you’re most interested in dexterity, magic, and bleed procs in Elden Ring, the Moonveil katana is the OP weapon for you. To get this sword, head to Caelid and find the front entrance to Gael Tunnel south of Rotview Balcony. This short mining tunnel has a bunch of enemies, but it’s relatively easy to run past them and open up a back door. At the end, there’s a boss room containing a Magma Wyrm. The fight is tough, but look for openings after its sword slash and jumping attack to get damage in.

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Defeating the Magma Wyrm will yield the Moonveil katana. This weapon boasts excellent dexterity and intelligence scaling with inherent magic damage. Its weapon art, Transient Moonlight, performs two different iaido attacks with magic projectiles. It’s possibly the best weapon for an Elden Ring samurai start that wants to have some magic options in their pocket. 

Make any Elden Ring weapon OP with Bloodhound’s Step

Players who prefer to stick with a generic weapon may be more interested in a super-powerful Ash of War. Weapon customization is a huge part of Elden Ring, and using the right one can make any weapon OP. 

Head to Lenne’s Rise in the northeast of Caelid to defeat a special field boss. The easiest way to get there early is to start the questline that begins with showing D a Deathroot in Roundtable Hold. This will activate a teleporter that brings the player to the far east of the map.

Activate the Site of Grace and rest until nightfall. A Night’s Cavalry field boss will appear on the bridge. Defeat him to claim an OP weapon Ash of War in Bloodhound’s Step.

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Bloodhound’s Step is one of the best Ashes of War to get early for several reasons. It grants a large period of invincibility and closes the gap between the player and their target. It also allows a weapon to scale off a variety of stats based on the whetblade used to apply it. It’s especially useful on weapons that deal bleed or poison, as the big strike will apply a ton of the selected element.


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