How to use the Fire’s Deadly Sin glitch to ruin Elden Ring PvP

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 13, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Fire’s Deadly Sin has a deadly glitch that basically ruins Elden Ring PvP, but getting the incantation is no easy task.

Anyone excited for Elden Ring’s PvP is likely disappointed by the state of certain weapons and spells. The spell is easily one of the most overpowered abilities in all of Elden Ring. This incantation, when combined with a certain glitch, allows the player to spread status debuffs into enemies just by rolling around them.

This will almost certainly get patched out soon, but if you want to enjoy the almost-guaranteed invasion victories while they’re possible, here’s how to get Fire’s Deadly Sin and activate the PvP glitch.

How to get Fire’s Deadly Sin in Elden Ring

Players can get the Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation by completing a painting puzzle in Leyndell.

This is actually one of the more difficult incantations to learn in Elden Ring. Players must forest activate a painting puzzle in Leyndell. The “Flightless Bird” painting is located right next to the Fortified Mansion, First Floor Site of Grace. This will trigger a hunt to find the location of the artist behind the painting. The location is marked by the cursor on the map below.

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The prerequisite for this spell is just 19 faith, which isn’t a particularly high requirement for such a powerful spell. The Prophet starting class starts with an impressive 16 faith, putting him close to the base requirements. Players will need to claim at least two Great Runes to access the Altus Plateau, so it’s a difficult build to rush into. However, almost any player can simply return to Rennala and respec their characters to make the most of the deadliest glitch in Elden Ring.

How to activate the Fire’s Deadly Sin glitch

The Fire’s Deadly Sin PvP glitch is activated by combining it with the Eclipse Shotel.

This weapon’s unique skill Death Flare applies deathblight to the weapon, which instantly kills the victim once triggered. This weapon is found in Castle Sol in a protected chest on the south end of the castle. 

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Once you have the incantation, the Eclipse Shotel, and a suitable talisman, start your invasion. After loading into the victim’s world, activate Fire’s Deadly Sin in a safe space and then activate Death Flare. Due to a strange glitch, the incantation will now emit deathblight instead of fire damage. The emission continues while rolling, so simply locate the target and run them down to instantly kill them. 

If they fight back, just spam roll into them. Even if they can catch rolls, they won’t be able to deal enough damage to prevent their demise. Wearing light armor can help pull off the instant kill glitch.