All important smokes to learn for Inferno B site

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 4, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

It’s a well-known fact that Inferno depends heavily on team play and utility. But you don’t have to memorize all the smoke lineups in the universe to win Inferno.

Winning a competitive game on Inferno is nearly impossible without team coordination and utility. Crisp aim comes into play on the middle area’s long-range duels. Otherwise, the map calls for critical use of smokes, molotovs, and flashes. Professional teams have crafted complex strategies on Inferno, but ranked players can still breeze through the map by learning simple lineups.

Compared to A, B site of Inferno is more tricky to tackle on the terrorist side. The narrow banana entry provides tons of safety to execute setups, but aim duels are a tall order once you’re inside the bomb point. These four smoke lineups on B will allow your team time to avoid first duels, unnecessary contact, and some time to catch a breath before enemies push in for a retake.

The top four smoke lineups on Inferno

1- Classic CT smoke

First on the list is the classic CT smoke. There are too many angles on B-site to clear, and getting site control is impossible without blocking one of them. CT happens to be the most dangerous angle as rotating enemies can always outnumber you.

To block off enemies in CT, press yourself in front of the wood stack and place your aim on the wire in a way that it aligns with the branch. Release the smoke.

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2- Coffin smoke

For a simple site take, pair your CT smoke with coffin smoke. Stand on the front side of the wooden plank and set your aim in the middle of the two metal bars, as shown in the image. Throw the grenade to block off the enemy standing on top of the coffin.

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3- Site blocking wall smoke 1

One of the rarest strategies on Inferno B is taking charge of CT, instead of running into the site. CT control can be gained by blocking the entire area with a smoke wall and pushing the AWPer holding spawn. The setup requires two smokes.

For the first smoke, stand in the corner of the banana cubby and place your crosshair at the corner of the leaves, as shown in the image. Release the smoke to block the stairs angle. The right side towards the coffin will still be exposed. Use second smoke to cover that area.

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4- Site blocking wall smoke 2

Second smoke can be a bit risky if you don’t have a teammate watching your back. For this smoke, stand on this wall and place your crosshair on the tile next to the one that aligns with the wooden plank. Move your aim a bit higher, press the jump key, and then throw the smoke.

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