All about Valorant’s error code 39 before Act II’s big patch

Nick Johnson • March 1, 2021 2:30 pm

Valorant’s Act 2 battle pass is right around the corner, which means players might see a few Valorant error codes on patch day. Whenever a game is patched, players all over the world get caught up in errors and game codes trying to fix their game.

But Valorant’s error xx is a special one and it’s actually a good one for players.

Here’s how to combat Valorant’s error 39

Error 39  is a common code to see on Valorant’s patch days, but players don’t need to work to find a solution. The code is meant to show that Riot is updating the Valorant servers with new content or doing weekly maintenance.

If players see the code, that means they’re trying to log in just a little too early, either before the servers are live or before their client has updated. But it also means they’re that much closer to the launch of Valorant’s anticipated Episode 2 Act 2 battle pass.

The battle pass will introduce a new hero, Astra, as the game’s 15th agent. It is also set to put a ton of new cosmetics into player’s hands. After telling players it would consider offering color variants for melee weapons last fall, Riot’s Prisma collection is returning with an axe melee option with four different colors to choose from.

Of course, that doesn’t mean much to players stuck with an error code, but at least they won’t have to worry about Valorant error 39.

How to fix Valorant’s 21 error code?

Even though error code 39 isn’t a big deal, code 21 might be. This code means Riot’s anti-cheat Vanguard wasn’t able to hook into Valorant, leaving players staring at the code until they fix it.  It’s a simple fix most of the time, with the recommended steps asking players to exit Valorant and restart their computers.

A full reinstall is the next step of the problem continues, and players don’t want to have to do that on the battle passes release day. Servers will be very slow with everyone logging on to download the update, so it’s a good idea to load up the game before the patch is released to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Who is Astra, Valorant’s newest agent?

Players don’t know very much about Valorant’s newest agent, but her powers have the same purple tint that comes from a big dose of radianite. Check them out in our Astra ability breakdown and get ahead of the competition.


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