ALEX bids farewell to Vitality, hints at his next team

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Alex “ALEX” McMeekin, who has been warming the Team Vitality bench for quite some time, has finally decided to take his leave. The 24 year old, now-former in-game leader took to Twitter to confirm his departure from Vitality.

ALEX joined Vitality in December 2018 and took over the position of IGL, replacing Vincent “Happy” Schopenhauer. During his short tenure, he helped to win the French team plenty of titles and propelled the team to display great performances at Charleroi Esports 2019, cs_summit 4, ECS S7 Finals and EPICENTER 2019.

Despite the stellar performance of the Frenchmen under ALEX’s supervision, the former IGL ended up on the bench in March 2020. The official statement from Vitality stated that “the very high demanding” lifestyle wasn’t fit for him. Following this announcement, ALEX spent six still months without any CSGO action. 

ALEX has now decided to leave the French bench for good, announcing his final exit in a Twitlonger post.

“As of today, I’m no longer part of @TeamVitality. It has been an incredible ride, from finding out I’ll be playing for Vitality while boarding a plane to the Caribbean for Christmas to taking over the IGL role, making 11 straight playoffs, 6 finals & 4 trophies,” ALEX said.

He did not mention the reason behind his sudden exit in his tweet but made sure to appreciate the ex-coach Rémy. In his Twitlonger, ALEX praised Rémy “XTQZZZ” Quoniam for his coaching skills and thanked him for being his mentor during his time in Vitality. 

ALEX hints at joining an English CSGO team 

When ALEX was resting on the Vitality bench, he certainly was one of the most sought after players. It seems like things haven’t changed much since March as Alex’s tweets give an inkling that he may be joining a new team right away.

It is yet to be revealed whether he is following the lead of other CSGO veterans and joining a Valorant team or staying within the realm of CSGO. 

He concluded his departure note with a rather cryptic statement, hinting at joining a new team with multiple British players. In another tweet, ALEX mentioned that his new team jersey is being delivered from the UK.

Keeping the current situation of the CSGO ecosystem in view, it is possible that Cloud9 is the team ALEX has been tweeting about. This is also considering that HenryG, who has recently taken over the role of general manager for Cloud9, was one of the first to support ALEX on his decision under the departure tweet.