Aimbotz is back in CS2, here’s how to play it

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Aimbotz is the most legendary aim training map in Counter-Strike, but how does it stack up in CS2?

Any Counter-Strike player worth their salt knows about aim training, and Aimbotz has always been one of the best places to start. The simple map has everything a player needs to start training their aim, and the massive list of settings and options will keep them around for hundreds of hours.

Unfortunately, The classic map was lost with the switch to CS2, but now its designer has released a new version compatible with the Source 2 engine. Here’s how to download and play Aimbotz in CS2.

Famous CSGO mapper uLLeticaL announced a port of the map on social media, and he’s giving everyone a chance to try out the new version. To download and play Aimbotz, just follow these instructions.

  • Download the official map folder from uLLeticaL’s website.
  • Extract the files and put them somewhere you’ll remember.
  • Open your CSGO maps folder and move aim_botz.vpk into it. The file path should look something like this.
    • E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\game\csgo\maps
  • Move the Play Aim_Botz shortcut to your desktop and double-click it.

This will open the game with VAC disabled, which will allow you to play on community maps before Valve has updated the Steam Workshop. You won’t be able to queue for matches on the same version of the client, so close out and open Counter-Strike normally to play online. 

It’s also possible to open Aimbotz through normal CS2 as long as the game is running in untrusted mode. Simply open up the console and type in the following command.

  • map aim_botz

Before launching the game for this purpose, be sure to add the following command to your launch options.

  • -insecure

If you did everything correctly, you should immediately load in Aimbotz in spectator mode. Hit M by default to select a side and start shooting.

CS2 Aimbotz workshop map

Is Aimbotz available on the CS2 Workshop?

Since Valve has not yet introduced Workshop for CS2, Aimbotz, and other popular community maps are currently unavailable.

Workshop support is likely in the pipeline for CS2, but until then, players must manually install each map file and run them on an untrusted version of the game. Valve hasn’t yet confirmed that Workshop will become available, but based on its popularity (and often necessity) in CSGO, it’s all but guaranteed to be available within the first few months of release.


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