Pokemon AI

AI program allows fans to create fake new Pokemon on demand

By Olivia Richman


Feb 18, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

An AI program is allowing people to create fake new Pokemon almost instantaneously.

The Nokemon generator was created back in January and is starting to gain a lot of interest from the Pokemon community. Nokemon was created by Liam Eloie, who was inspired by a Buzzfeed data scientists’ article on “forcing an AI bot to create weird-looking Pokemon.” But Nokemon takes it a step further and allows others to create fake Pokemon as well.

How do you create Pokemon on Nokemon?

To create your own Pokemon on Nokemon, you simply select either “Pokemon” or “Type.” When you select “Pokemon,” the AI will instantly create a Pokemon loosely based on the Pokemon you select. The fake Pokemon will be a different type, sometimes even a duel type.

We couldn’t resist putting in our two favorite Pokemon, Eevee and Flareon. The results were disturbing.

There is already an Eeveelution that is Ice type, and that’s Glaceon. This ice Pokemon looked nothing like the existing Eeveelution and instead looked like an evil bunny combined with Frosmoth or Crobat. That’s probably due to the other type being Flying, adding some sort of wings. Eevee’s fluffy mane became the bottom half of the creepy flying ice monster.

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The Flareon was somehow even worse. Flareon became an Electric and Fairy Pokemon that basically has a spiky face where Flareon’s tail once was. In place of Flareon’s face and fluff, the fake Pokemon had a large swirly belly. The creation was hideous.

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You can also create fake Pokemon instantly by type. We put in Poison and got a hideous creation that was Poison and Fire type. The face looked sort of like a white version of Lopunny. As for the body, that’s just not something we can explain.

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Many of the fake Pokemon were revolting and horrifying, but that’s part of the fun. Seeing the elements of other Pokemon getting used by the AI was also an interesting aspect. The models are all made within 30 seconds, which shows just how efficient this AI has become. For us to come up with my own Pokemon-inspired monster, we would need at least a few hours. In that time, the Nokemon AI could create dozens of fake new Pokemon for you.

This isn’t the first time that trainers could make fake Pokemon. Pokemon Fusion allows you to combine two random Pokemon to create a brand new monstrosity. Seeing two completely opposite Pokemon combined is definitely a trip for many Pokemon fans.