AGDQ Online 2021 raises $1 million faster than ever before

By Olivia Richman


Jan 8, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The Awesome Games Done Quick chat started to explode during a Halo 3 speedrun when viewers noticed donations had hit $1 million. 

“One million!!!” “HYPE!”

AGDQ had reached over $1 million in donations towards the Prevent Cancer Foundation with several days left to go in the charity speed-running event. 

The $1 million mark was passed during a Halo 3 run by speedrunner SasquatchSensei. It was actually a bonus game suddenly added to AGDQ’s packed schedule. To see these bonus games, viewers have to reach a certain donation amount happen. In this case, it was $160,000 to see SasquatchSensei take on Halo 3 during the Sci-Fi block of the AGDQ event. 

“We just passed 1 MILLION DOLLARS raised, setting a new PB for fastest AGDQ to reach that milestone!” AGDQ exclaimed on Twitter, thanking everyone who contributed to the fundraiser.  AGDQ then noted that there are still a lot of “fantastic runs” on the way, urging viewers to keep the momentum going. 

This was the eighth year in a row that Awesome Games Done Quick reached $1 million in donations. This year was also the fastest AGDQ reached that milestone, meaning the event is on pace to beat last year’s $3,164,002 fundraising record. There are still two full days of streams left, with speedrunners scheduled for a full 24 hours each day. 

AGDQ Online 2021 has been a very successful event thus far despite a few technical difficulties. Moving the fundraising event entirely online brought on a few challenges, but the streamers and crew adapted quickly. Some games to watch this weekend include Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, Oddworld, Super Mario Bros. 2, and Pokemon Blue on Saturday. 

Check out the full schedule here