Adin Ross

Adin Ross’ team accused of not paying GTA server developer

By Olivia Richman


Dec 26, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Adin Ross and his manager have responded to accusations that a developer wasn’t paid as promised to create a Grand Theft Auto server.

Over the holiday weekend, a developer known as AGTDevTV accused popular content creator Adin Ross of not paying for a Grand Theft Auto server he created for the streamer. In a series since-deleted tweets, AGTDevTV showed screenshots that allegedly showed him not getting paid thousands of dollars that he was expecting to receive in the form of cryptocurrency.

At the time, many people believed AGTDevTV. This may have been in part due to Adin Ross’ past. After his allegedly scamming other creators and hustling fans, it didn’t seem out of character to many observers for Ross and his team to avoid paying this server creator. But others were more skeptical, even noting that the server was buggy and “unplayable” since it launched, potentially justifying a lack of payment.

Now, Ross’ manager Rewack has shared screenshots that seem to show AGTDevTV was indeed paid.

Adin Ross proves he paid Grand Theft Auto server creator

After the accusations started getting traction on social media, the manager for Adin Ross decided to show proof that the team had paid AGTDevTV for the Grand Theft Auto server creation as promised.

The screenshots showed AGTDevTV talking about the price he wanted to create and maintain the server, as well as a screenshot of him receiving cryptocurrency. In response, AGTDevTV has seemed to all-but delete their Twitter account.

Adin Ross accused of not paying developers in the past

While it seems to have been determined that Ross’ team did indeed pay ATGDevTV despite some remaining skepticism around the use of cryptocurrency for payment, this was not the first time Ross was accused of not paying for services rendered.

Ross launched a SSB Minecraft server in the summer of 2021. It quickly became one of the biggest servers in the game, showcasing hilarious designs and fun mini-games. The Minecraft builder behind the server, DressTheSalad, claimed that they were hired to help but never saw any payment.

“I was hired to build all the maps for the Adin Ross Minecraft server, which is now closed. Over 100 combined hours went into making the maps and I (and others) have not been paid for the work. I made 11 maps in total. I thought I should let the community know,” DressTheSalad tweeted at the time.

In the end, Ross and his team claimed that they had “forgotten” to pay DressTheSalad, paying him promptly after the accusations spread across Twitter.

While both issues seem to be at least partially cleared up now, the streaming community has pointed out how unprofessional the entire episode seems. Many stated that Ross and other creators should start creating contracts for jobs they need done. Others said that casual chats over Twitter and Discord aren’t enough to ensure both sides are protected in these situations.