aceu cheating

aceu responds to ongoing cheating allegations in Apex Legends

By Olivia Richman


Sep 15, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Popular Apex Legends streamer Brandon “aceu” Winn has responded to cheating allegations.

aceu has become one of the most popular Apex Legends streamers in the world. aceu is a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive turned Apex Legends streamer with 2.8 million followers on Twitch. He left CSGO due to feeling “mentally checked out” from the game but has stayed with NRG Esports as a content creator focused on the popular battle royale.

aceu became a popular figure in the Apex Legends community due to his immense skills in the game. His in-game movements and accuracy are reminiscent of his time spent playing Counter-Strike and he often makes fast-paced decisions that put his team on top. His incredible skill, however, has led some people to believe he is cheating.

aceu accused of cheating at Apex Legends

In a recent stream, aceu decided to respond to cheating allegations, with some players claiming he uses a “power glide script” to enhance his in-game movements. This accusation riled aceu up. He claimed the accusers were “coping so f—ing hard,” saying that they were “bad” at the game.

“Just because you’re bad, doesn’t mean everyone else is bad,” aceu said to viewers.

aceu didn’t have much to say about the ongoing allegations, seeming a bit flippant about the situation. Instead of focusing on the accusations, aceu continued with his Apex Legends stream, seemingly unaffected. Getting accused of cheating is nothing new for the streamer, who has been reported over 720 times. Accusations go back very far on social media as well but many people have also stood up for aceu, saying he’s just a good player.

Many free-to-play PC games are full of cheaters and Apex Legends is no exception. Respawn Entertainment has reported massive ban waves over the years in an attempt to get rid of suspicious players that may be utilizing hacks and cheats to have an unfair advantage. aceu isn’t a big social media fan, having taken a three-month break from Twitter recently, so he hasn’t said much more about the situation thus far.