A pro CSGO player found himself in jail, and here’s why

Olivia Richman • October 2, 03:55

GORILLAZ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Kevin “HS” Tarn was allegedly sent in jail for operating a motorcycle without the proper license.

Fellow GORILLAZ squad member Miikka “suNny” Kemppi said on a recent Twitch stream with another pro player that HS was in jail for 48 hours after he operated a motorcycle without a driver’s license. So far, there are no further updates on the situation, leaving fans wondering what will happen next since this isn’t the first time HS has been caught driving without the proper license.

HS caught riding a motorcycle without license again

In September 2019, CSGO fans were shocked to find out that HS had gotten into a serious motorcycle accident.

HS updated his fans on Twitter after the accident, discussing his various broken bones and injuries. The accident had him on heavy painkillers and in need of surgery. It took him months to heal after the incident occurred.

But fans found out something even more surprising about HS’ accident. The CSGO pro had been driving the motorcycle without a license. It’s now been a little over two years and HS still doesn’t seem to have a license, but has continued to operate motorcycles. The repeated instances have CSGO fans worried that HS may face serious consequences this time around.


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