A major CSGO bug lets you hear footsteps from across the map

Fariha Bhatti • May 27, 21:03

If you’ve ever heard spooky noises in waters across Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s maps, it’s likely a bug, one that professional player Martin “STYKO” Styk has just highlighted. 

FunPlus Phoenix’s CSGO pro STYKO called out Valve to fix a long-standing bug in maps with water that “ruins a lot of games.” The pro player encountered the bug in the new map Ancient with a pond in the terrorist spawn area. 

CSGO has tons of maps with pools, ponds, and fountains. While some are part of the playing area, others are just there for an aesthetic touch. However, Styko has come across a bug in the new map Ancient that can be game-breaking when used correctly. 

The player highlighted that when enemies step into water in any part of the map, you can hear the sound effect on all areas in the map with water. For example, if someone jumps into the B-short water on Overpass, you can hear their footsteps at the CT fountains. A similar bug is in Ancient, where players can hear footsteps from across the entire map. 

The new map was recently added into the active-duty pool in place of Train and will be used in esports tournaments as well. A major bug like this one surely requires a fix before it enters the map pool in professional games. 

Ancient highlights old CSGO water noise bug

The FPX pro player requested Valve to pay attention to the long-standing bug. He recommended a quick fix for the water or completely removing water from Ancient since the new map has tons of muddy areas. Now that the bug has become better known, the extensive water areas will undoubtedly impact games on the new map. 

The developer hasn’t responded to the bug so far, but the CSGO community is shocked at Styko’s find. Many CSGO players were unaware of the seemingly random sound cues on previous maps with water, including Inferno and Overpass. A herd of players came forward and complained that they had encountered the glitch, but they hadn’t been sure how it worked. 

Valve will likely fix the bug before the next Regional Major Ranking event since Ancient hasn’t formally entered the map pool yet. Ongoing RMR event Flashpoint features the old map pool that includes Train. 


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