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A giant Wailord plush is here for Pokémon Day 2023

By Olivia Richman


Feb 17, 2023

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The Pokémon Company just announced something huge: a Wailord plush.

Just in time for Pokémon Day 2023, the Pokémon Company announced a jumbo Wailord plush that’s been anticipated by the ‘mon community. The Wailord plush was initially teased on Twitter on February 13 with a close-up image and the text “s o o n.”

It was quite obvious it was Wailord. But nobody was prepared for just how big the plush was going to be.

The Wailord plush is four feet and nine inches, which is incredibly humungous. This is the perfect plush for cuddling and will become the focal point of any plush collection. It joins the ever-growing list of mega plush that the Pokémon Center has been releasing, which also includes Lucario, Arcanine, Swablu, and Spheal. Pokémon fans had been awaiting a giant Wailord since it just seemed like a no-brainer!

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The jumbo Wailord plush can be pre-ordered for $420 starting today. The plush are estimated to ship in November 2023. Like the other jumbos, there will be a limited amount and may sell out.

Pre-order it here.

How big is Wailord?

While the Wailord plush is big, the website’s description states it’s only 1/10th the size of the actual Wailord. The real Wailord is 47 feet and 7 inches.

His official Pokedex entry also states that Wailord is 877.7 pounds. This sounds quite shocking since a blue whale can reach 110 feet and weigh 330,000 pounds. Half of that weight would be 165,000 pounds, which is what Wailord would be based on his length and width. So why is he so light?

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It’s rumored to be a typo in the Pokedex. Either way, this weight would mean that Wailord is lighter than air. Being less dense than air means that Wailord would float into space if he was in the air. For this reason, Wailord needs to stay in the water.

Luckily the plush version can be brought just about anywhere without the risk of it floating away.

What is Pokémon Day 2023?

Pokémon Day is on February 27, 2023.

According to the official website, Pokémon Day’s theme this year is “Pokémon Together.” It reads: “Celebrating this way revisits the initial concept of the franchise: connecting with others. You can watch a special trailer illustrating the concept of the program right here.”

The details of Pokémon Day are yet to come. But for now, Pokémon is inviting trainers to use the hashtag #PokemonTogether on Twitter and Instagram to share their favorite Pokémon memories to become part of an “interactive mosaic.”


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