A closer look at the new MSI theme song, “Bring Home the Glory”

By Olivia Richman


Apr 24, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Riot has revealed the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational’s theme song. Called “Bring Home the Glory,” the powerful lyrics about fighting for victory with the world watching are sung by Sara Skinner. 


The straightforward lyrics paint the perfect picture for May’s major tournament, the second biggest on the League of Legends calendar. While listening to this song, it’s not difficult to picture the top teams battling it out for their region’s glory in the first big international event of the year. 

“There’s no time for redemption /

Those flags you wave, will they hold up?” 

The first two lines in the song point out that the competitors at MSI come from all over the world. Only one team per region will be competing, and the teams sometimes represent their region by carrying flags from that region’s countries with them. 

“Don’t cry for your vengeance /

It’s right there to take if you want it /

The world is watching.”

Almost every popular team competing at MSI has reasons for wanting a form of revenge. A need to prove themselves. Last year, fan favorites Team Liquid and SK Telecom T1 underperformed, with SKT falling so far as to not even qualifying for the playoffs in the LCK. G2 Esports was defeated in the World Championship semifinals last year by Invictus Gaming, a Chinese team that will also be participating in MSI this year after not qualifying in 2018.

Last year, 127 million people watched the Mid-Season Invitational finals. With all of the story lines going into MSI this year, developer Riot Games can likely expect a similarly striking viewership number this time around. 

This first verse is followed by the song’s chorus: 

“Here’s your judgement /
Here’s your reckoning /
Write your story down into history /
Pride and country /
You could have everything /
So bring home the glory alive.” 

As the first major international League of Legends tournament of the year, the results of MSI could be very impactful for all of the teams who participate. And with a minimum prize pool of $1 million, “having everything” could be quite literal, as well as the metaphorical glory and the bragging rights that would come with victory. 

The second and final verse states: 

“Go and rise for your nation /

There’s so much at stake, will you show up? /

It’s about damned time for a little salvation /

Those flags you wave, represent them /

The world is watching.” 

MSI will begin on May 1, held between the first and second split for all regions. That Wednsday will be the start of the play-in group stage. This is the first ever time that Riot has hosted an international tournament in Vietnam