8-year-old Overwatch player gets Platinum competitive placement

Olivia Richman • November 22, 01:04

A proud father has shared his eight-year-old daughter’s impressive Overwatch placement on Reddit

User Speakeasyow uploaded his daughter’s Season 19 placement in Overwatch, and the community was blown away. After winning five straight games, his daughter got a rank of 2882 SR, putting her in Platinum. This is also only a little over 100 SR away from Diamond, which means she’s in the top 25% of all players. 

The father stated that his eight-year-old gamer, who goes by the name snowowlete, has been coached by him for the past year. His dedication to her performance has paid off. Last year, snowowlete finished the season in Bronze after placing Silver after the first 10 matches. She had reached up to 1900 SR, but wasn’t able to maintain that level of play throughout.

Young child ranks Platinum in Overwatch

Redditors marveled at the eight-year-old’s skills in Overwatch. A few couldn’t help but compare themselves to the youngster. 

“Here I am, 33 years old and can’t get out of Bronze,” one said.

Another said they were 27 and “stuck in Silver.” He actually pointed to the young player’s age as a boon, stating that he would need a “fountain of youth” if he wanted to improve. 

Snowowlete is a support main who focused on Moira and Ana. Throughout her Overwatch journey, her father called on his friends to give her some pointers a few times per week.

He also noted that Snowowlete only uses in-game comms when he’s present, an attempt to shield her from foul language and toxic players. But when she does talk, she’s “all business,” he wrote, which can sometimes intimidate her teammates. 

After such an improvement over the last 12 months, Snowowlete’s father is confident she can tackle DPS placements next. 


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